A Month Without Smartphone


Life with ups and down.
Life with good and bad.
All in one package

After no MacBook Air (someone stole it last August!) and then accidentally broke my smartphone, for very few days I was a bit lost without them. However, it was not for long. Instead worry and unable to work, I tend to see it as life experiment.

This is a post of “A month without smartphone”, which not a trial but an experience (OK I have spare laptop from office which is nice, an Asus Zenbook UX303LA). After all, I see this month as new opportunity to

1. Stop procrastinating

Instead checking social media at home, I am actually reading books and more writing at home. Not wasting my time and do more meaningful things. It becomes more especially I am quitting Facebook already for more than a month now. It feels good somehow :)

2. More reading

I will download all my reading list and read it offline on Pocket. Very useful and I have ticked all down my reading list to zero now :)

3. Make more productive time and less distraction

Instead checking email and messages all the time, I tend to manually checking them in the morning or later on late afternoon. It surely becomes a good habit.

4. Meaningful relationship

Instead messaging, I will make a phone call to friends and families. This probably the best benefit at all! since I love close and face to face interaction with real people.

I think after this experience, I will think over again to buy new (expensive) smartphones. Anyhow, we shall see later :)

Could you live without smartphones even just a day?

Photo is a random photo and room decoration in one of farming themed restaurant in Bogor called Momo Milk Barn.

A Month Without Smartphone is first appeared on www.felicialasmana.com



  1. indrijuwono says:

    wah, you did it!


    1. Felly says:

      yep! keknya bakal diterusin walau punya smartphone untuk waktu2 tertentu


  2. cool! Aku pasti nggak bisa kak, apalagi kerjaan menuntut harus pegang smartphone terus :|


    1. Felly says:

      haa bisa donk! pertama kek ada yang ilang sih tapi sejauh ini ga gitu ngaruh ama kerjaan dan malah jadi lebih fokus. Lagipula ada wi-fi di laptop juga.


      1. Felly says:

        Klien dan rekan kerja juga keknya lebih menghargai waktu dikau jadinya menurutku


  3. Belum pernah alami… hm… kayanya bakal ga bisa lewati se’tegar’ kak feli… halah… :p


    1. Felly says:

      take it easy :D
      It was great for resetting your life.


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