East Java: Baluran in View | Baluran Dalam Pandangan Mata

Here you go! Wildlife and more landscape pictures in Baluran National Park. Keep maximised my X10 performance although without any telephoto lens. Honestly before go to Baluran, I want to rent DSLR camera and appropriate tele-lens but I changed my mind in the last minute (not worthed for $20 per-day and I only use itContinue reading “East Java: Baluran in View | Baluran Dalam Pandangan Mata”

East Java: Baluran NOT Africa Van Java | Baluran BUKAN Africa di Jawa

Many people say Baluran National Park is an Africa van Java. I would say it’s wrong! Baluran is Baluran with its uniqueness.  This post starts a new chapter with my East Java adventure. Baluran National Park located near Banyuwangi Seaport and perfect place to visit just before crossing Bali. We can see the savanna and evergreen forestContinue reading “East Java: Baluran NOT Africa Van Java | Baluran BUKAN Africa di Jawa”


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These are my current personal projects. Assessor License Scheme (ALS) HCVRN High Conservation Values ALS is a scheme to license lead HCV assessors to conduct high-quality HCV assessments in any region and commodity context. I am a Fully Licensed HCV Assessor since April 2016 and currently appointed as member of ALS Quality Panel to ensureContinue reading “Projects”


Hi. I’m Felicia Lasmana. In short, I have background as a field biologist and environmental consultant. If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or ideas for research/project related discussion, email felicia.lasmana@gmail.com. I ask that you not contact me to promote anything of yours. My Qualifications Sustainable Environmental Management. Professional Certificate at the University of California, Berkeley,Continue reading “About”


I have been so lucky to travel and have adventure at so many interesting and remarkable places. This page cover my working exotic destinations. Taiwan This is new territory and become one of my favourite country to go so far. In October 2014, I traveled out with a Canadian couple, who are also local biologists in Hualien whereContinue reading “Elsewhere”


Kalimantan Kalimantan is my playground even though I was first visited Sabah and then whole of Dutch Borneo. I was in 2011 working as Consultant Ecologist for Daemeter Consulting (which after a year then my employer). I collected data and evaluated impact of land use change on bat communities. This fieldwork project sponsored by BHP Billiton inContinue reading “Indonesia”

3 New Things To Do in Pangandaran

It was my third time at Pangandaran Beach last weekend which located on South Coast of West Java. I went first time with my family and then with my school mates for my first research experience. After almost 10 years ago, it seems Pangandaran very different than I remembered before. It becomes like a miniContinue reading “3 New Things To Do in Pangandaran”