Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang

Traveling means another culinary experience. Traveling means meeting new people. After all I love eating new experiences. What does it means? You can see it all on the photos I took below. Anyway I always thought Padang meals all about Rendang, meat or vegetable with chili sauce and coconut floss. But after this Padang ‘Rendang’Continue reading “Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang”

Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island

If you like adventures maybe you will like Sikuai Island. This island is left by most tourists because there is no island management and most facilities are broke down. At the time I got there with my friend, it was just us and 3 islanders. No ferry to take us there so we have toContinue reading “Padang: Sikuai Island, The Deserted Island”

Padang: Welcome to Padang

I went backpacking with my 25 Liter daypack with Indri to Padang. Consider it a minimalist and light traveling because it’s only a 3-days trip. Anyhow I am pretty tired carrying my 60 Liter rucksack go-and-back to the airport and hotel like I do usually. Got my ticket – which we already bought since 3Continue reading “Padang: Welcome to Padang”


I have been so lucky to travel and have adventure at so many interesting and remarkable places. This page cover my working exotic destinations. Taiwan This is new territory and become one of my favourite country to go so far. In October 2014, I traveled out with a Canadian couple, who are also local biologists in Hualien whereContinue reading “Elsewhere”

Nepal: Mimpi Perjalananku Menuju Atap Dunia

Sebagai seorang conservation biologist sekaligus narablog, Nepal merupakan destinasi impian bagi banyak orang termasuk saya. Negara ini berlokasi di tengah-tengah rangkaian Pegunungan Himalaya yang juga merupakan daerah transisi antara Himalaya Timur dan Barat. Uniknya keanekaragaman hayati serta kondisi alam yang eksotis dan masih murni menjadikan Nepal sebagai daya tarik bagi para pejalan dan konservasionis dariContinue reading “Nepal: Mimpi Perjalananku Menuju Atap Dunia”

Borneo: A Glance of West Kalimantan | Sekilas Kalimantan Barat

I know it’s been ages ago since I posted pictures about fieldwork. Last time probably about my preference and friends on field clothes. We just went survey to Kapuas Hulu last month and on our way back home we traveled through Putussibau and Pontianak. Here below are some photos selection during the trip. Photo above isContinue reading “Borneo: A Glance of West Kalimantan | Sekilas Kalimantan Barat”