Penang: Nyonya at Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Pinang Peranakan Mansion is located in business neighbourhood of Georgetown. It is adorned with high quality houseware and jeweleries that you might find in Chinese wedding reception or high-end Chinese family. One another time, I met a Nyonya Just before gone back to my hostel. She is beautiful Chinese lady who talks in speedy Malay. One of her attentionContinue reading “Penang: Nyonya at Pinang Peranakan Mansion”

Penang: Welcome to Strait of Malacca

I visited Penang recently through Singapore. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in historical of Strait of Mallacca. Honestly, I am looking for more cultural experience than nature sightseeing for sure if anyone asked. Sadly I didn’t make it birdwatching in Penang Hill due to unfortunate weather. This trip is sort of my first experience as solo travelerContinue reading “Penang: Welcome to Strait of Malacca”

Cara Menulis Leadership Essay Untuk Beasiswa

Saat ini masih terdapat stigma bahwa isu kepemimpinan tidak berlaku untuk yang baru lulus kuliah atau profesional di awal karier. Setiap tahunnya saya juga selalu dihadapkan pada banyak pertanyaan bagaimana menulis esai tentang kepemimpinan untuk aplikasi beasiswa. Perlu diketahui bahwa Leadership adalah topik esai yang paling banyak ditanyakan termasuk networking untuk beasiswa Chevening.


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T & J

Jenis narablog apakah saya? Seperti yang telah kalian lihat dalam profil, saya memiliki latar belakang ilmu biologi dan pekerjaan dalam ranah konservasi + pengelolaan sumber daya alam. Beberapa teman ada yang bertanya mengenai kegiatan blog yang saya lakukan selama satu tahun belakangan. Saya tentunya bukan seorang penulis perjalanan apalagi 100% narablog perjalanan di saat yangContinue reading “T & J”


So what kind of blogger are you? As you have seen on my profile, I have background in biological science and conservation + natural resource management work. Some friends have been asking about my blog activities for the last one year. I am not a travel writer and obviously not a 100% travel blogger tooContinue reading “FAQ”


I have been so lucky to travel and have adventure at so many interesting and remarkable places. This page cover my working exotic destinations. Taiwan This is new territory and become one of my favourite country to go so far. In October 2014, I traveled out with a Canadian couple, who are also local biologists in Hualien whereContinue reading “Elsewhere”