Felicia Lasmana is Indonesian conservation biologist with interests range across the field of environmental sciences, applied ecology, spatial ecology, and conservation sciences in particular bats and other mammals. She has great interest in application of conservation science into practical solution such as ethical tourism and sustainability related issue.

In her downtime, Felly is also a blogger in Bahasa Indonesia – English (if time allows), (very) passionate traveler, avid (kindle) reader, sensible omnivore vegetarian, and addicted to caffeine (tea of course! but can do coffee). This website is dedicated to preserve her path journey, perspective and also to encourage other (Indonesian) traveler and conservationist to record daily experience in blogs and photos. She blogs mainly on minimalism, traveling, photojournalism, and conservation.

At the moment, she is focusing on the her passion on project management related to conservation and sustainability issues. Also traveling for work around Indonesia.

Please reach Felly through form below for any queries (sorry no facebook though!) and curriculum vitae or check Felly’s latest project here and what she’s doing right now here.