What I’m Doing Now

Now it is 2023! My priorities are still similar like before.

  • Working remotely from Indonesia for the HCV Network.
  • Building a seamless life and work with attention to self-care. ME time at the moment: gym, reading, and learning Spanish on Duolingo.
  • Stayed in Bandung taking care Mum. Yet, I will travel here and there throughout the year for work and pleasure. Recently just got back from Holyland, Vietnam and Thailand.
  • Currently on Systems Leadership Practitioners Program – Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program until mid-March 2023.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts, or ideas for research/project related discussion or (virtual) coffee meet up in Bandung, please email felicia.lasmana@gmail.com.

Last update: 04 of February 2023 in Bandung, Indonesia

This Now Page is inspired by Derek Sivers