Yogyakarta: Around Borobudur & Mendut | Sekitar Borobudur & Mendut

People who tries to reach Buddha’s hand to get blessing. Anyway it is forbidden to climb over the candi!!

Candi Borobudur and Candi Mendut have their own appeal. These pictures below are random pictures when visiting both place 2 weeks and I feel bad if not shared them in this blog :)

Candi Borobudur dan Candi Mendut memiliki daya tarik tersendiri. Foto-foto ini di bawah ini adalah gambar acak ketika mengunjungi kedua tempat tersebut 2 minggu yang dan saya merasa buruk jika tidak membaginya dalam blog ini :)

Generic photo when you visiting Borobudur but I just want to put it here.
Another common sighting but I am trying to make it slightly different with colour preference.
There are security guard who solemnly welcoming and shouting at you just in case you climbed over the Buddha statue at Candi Borobudur either by loud speaker or coming to you directly.
I hate lightning rods! It is make this UNESCO Heritage place becomes unnatural. However it saves Candi Borobudur many times.
Thousand of rocks to build Borobudur in the past. The archeologist put it here because probably they still trying to find out how to match them all with the rest piece of rock puzzle.
Nice roof detail at Mendut Buddhist temple
The sleeping Budhha
Angels in Buddhism
Yuyu a friend of mine praying to Her God

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