So what kind of blogger are you?

As you have seen on my profile, I have background in biological science and conservation + natural resource management work. Some friends have been asking about my blog activities for the last one year. I am not a travel writer and obviously not a 100% travel blogger too in the same time. I guess I need to underline what kind of blogger I am. I have many interests such as traveling, photography, social media, creativity, and popular science.

That is why I have been categorised my blog into several sections:

  1. Fieldnotes: I feel I need to record everything I work in the past, present, and some probability lead to the future or probably just even notes at the conference/seminar. Plus your mind and thinking should be unleashed by writing it so I decide to make this section for everything related to them.
  2. Photos: I love photojournalism. I love tumblr and pinterest of powerful and beautiful photos around the world. You will find traveling and fieldwork photos in this section.
  3. Traveling: This is my travelogue during business and pleasure traveling.
  4. Lifestye: Anything I love, wear, eat, attend and mix of everything.

Why make it in bilingual language?

I want to reach more than Indonesian and hopefully reader outside Indonesia can understand my English properly. I am trying to be consistent but many times it is difficult with ups-and-down mood. It will be my blog journey same with everyone’s life. This is my writing practice as well in language other than my mother tongue.

Trying to be consistent. For my personal taste and experience it would be in bilingual. Sometimes you will find only in English and Bahasa Indonesia due to requirement (for example blog competition) or it just an old post that I loved.

I wrote the translation which maybe far from perfectness. Some may shortened it or maybe change the word so it would be easy for reading. I notice my blog changed overtime because exposure from my surroundings especially on what I read.

Why do you make this blog?

I make this blog to share my thought with friends and other people who’s stumble upon my website. I have difficulty with daily focus and procrastination like everyone else but somehow blogging cured me to be more focus. Well sometimes it does not working as well but it is okay (HA!).

I want to make a simple blog for everyone especially friends. To make biological science and fieldwork reachable for young generation. This is my legacy you can say. I will update more about my research and work in this platform even though many of them already in the past as this blog will stay online forever.

In summary I would say that I am a conservation biologist who loves traveling as couple, group or solo traveling. Couple and group traveling are fun for getting experience together while solo traveling more likely spiritual journey. Not only taking pictures of many interesting researchy and aesthetic places but also getting culture experience.

I found one of the best way to express ourselves is through social media and blogging. Plus I want to make this website to be my professional portofolio, personal website, showing my great interest of life to friends and colleagues who are probably rarely meet with me. Maybe it’s truly hard to define what kind of blogger I am. So I will let you to have your own opinion though :)

#Photo: Beautiful carved wooden shiny shells furniture ornament at Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Penang

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