Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Note

I use Samsung Galaxy Note for a month and half now and feel many good vibe with it.

External Appearances

Quite big but really thin at first glance. Classy but tough one since the screen made of Gorilla Glass (same material with Iphone screen). Though have quite same price with its competitor this one absolutely were made for productive and creative people.

Social Network Freak

I am mobile person and always check my Twitter, Facebook and all that social networking. Get thousand of apps with Android Market and unveil many good apps with it. I think it is also important if you check new updates and useful apps for your productive work day.

Size does matter

Same size with my Moleskines make 5.3” not always fit with my jeans pouch. Anyway it really doesn’t matter since I read anywhere. I am an avid reader and constantly read anything from the web to e-books using Moon+ Reader. The size is quite comfortable especially you don’t have IPad or even 7” Galaxy Tab. I also write, capture pictures of anything with this now (8 MP camera for a very good quality pics and you can see example photos below), and draw anything as well with S Memo.

Enjoy it!

Listen to music and scrobble it with my Last.fm account. Watch movies with HD-TV Super Amoled quality. Even make it more awesome with your own  active mobile speaker (I use X-mini 2nd Generation). Make your blog mobile with WordPress apps and Tumblr. apps. Well honestly, I spend most time with my Galaxy Note NOT with my laptop now.


Too much high sensitivity for your gigantic fingers! But I will get used to it. However, I am often annoyed with volume control button on the up-left side. Even if I lock my phone it’s not locked. I just want the volume locked when I hear the music (my creative MP4 player do work like that and it is nice). For some people it might be the size is just too big and it feels bizzare when you make a phone call (well you’ll get used).

Last Word

Buy It! and you can see you put money in the right place especially you’re active, productive, and creative person.



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