Ancient Bandung

Bandung City, my hometown have long history on its making. Once upon a time there is no such thing called Bandung City. Parahyangan Plate is surrounded by many mountains and in the middle there is Danau Bandung Purba or an ancient lake (Danau = Lake). But after 50,000 years ago finally it dried up and then civilazation comes to this central area. Bandung means 2 wells side by side (Bramantyo & Bachtiar 2009). The history itself is so interesting and I am very happy after finally I finished their book about History and Tourism of Bandung from geological point of view. 

Not enough with the book I feel I need to experience each place like in the book. Goodreads, an online book community then held a trip about that which joyfully I joined after a half year ago I couldn’t make it to join the trip with the other groups. First stop is Gunung Batu (Mount of Rock) in Lembang. From the top of this are we can see fantastic view towards south of Bandung. It is also been known that Gunung Batu is good place to see the plate shift since  a seismograph has been placed in top of the hill (since it is not a really big mount as far as I can see). Next trip would be the Sanghyang Tikoro or Throat of Gods. In one story, old people says that all the water from Bandung Lake dried up from this point. Gua Pawon or Pawon Cave is the next trip. Here we can see ancient people house and a fossils (a young woman from thousand ~ see top photos).  The last but not least is The Stone Garden which you can name it because many different shape and feature of rocks that you can easily find. You will be lucky enough if meet sea shells imprinted to one rocks (which is bizzare because it is on the top of the hill).

Although I have visited four places in one day but there are more places to visited and I hope I can visit all of them one day. Below here you can see many interesting places I saw during the trip. HAVE FUN!


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