The New Corner Office Book Review

Working from home is a skill!

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My Best Book I Read in 2018

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These are the best book that I recommend to read to everyone. I read less book in 2018 due to my work and traveling time. Most books are non fiction and more of my interest for self improvement and productivity.

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How to be Financially Independent according to Vicki Robin

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I read this book as part of my reading list this year after reading an article. Although this book concept is pretty much old since 1992 but it still considered as the best book on money. This book is about how you manage your financial life. How to be financially independent through 8 simple steps (Check synopsis here). Of course there is no shortcut if you want to be FIRE (Financially Independent, Retire Early). Investing, saving money, running business, working your daily job as part of your life journey.Continue reading “How to be Financially Independent according to Vicki Robin”

My Kindle Paperwhite Review

This is most likely a review after reading on Kindle Paperwhite after half a year. After years I had enough buying extra paperbacks and throwing my damaged books at my mom’s house. If only buying real books then I would prefer to buy some design, lifestyle, coffee table and Bahasa Indonesia books for now. Continue reading “My Kindle Paperwhite Review”

My Best Book I Read in 2017

As I said in the previous post that I want to share my best book I read in 2017. These are 5 books I recommend to read to everyone Continue reading “My Best Book I Read in 2017”

Serang: A Visit to Rumah Dunia | Kunjungan ke Rumah Dunia


Is this your old red bicycle?

 Apakah ini sepeda merah lama milikmu?

It was not a long journey to Rumah Dunia in Serang, Banten. It was only a short visit for “Rumah Adalah Di Mana Pun” book discussion last month. This book is written by Indri Juwono & her friends in Langkah Dewi. However, I will not talk about the travel book itself for now (*spoiler* I am also in the book as supporting character in Indri’s story :p). I am so impressed with the neighbourhood and Gol A Gong‘s mission to increase literacy in Banten. Who doesn’t know about Rumah Dunia, Gol A Gong, and Balada Si Roy? Even though honestly I never read it but I know him since I was in primary school. My first impression when seeing Rumah Dunia that it is so artsy. Many recycled and old stuff are combined and made into art stuff. There are Rumah Dunia Auditorium and outdoor hall for hundreds of people in the front yard . In the old version of Rumah Dunia, most building materials are made from bamboo.

[Notes]: Book Discussion 4 Conservation Writers

This is just a notes when I attended book discussion which held Tropenbos Indonesia, Operation Wallacea Trust (OWT), Ministry of Forestry (MoFor) on 26th April 2013.  Great books, great friends (I had small reunion with old friends here as well), and of course great knowledge! You guys can actually visit MoFor to get these books for free and here are the book synopsis:


Sang Pelopor: Peranan Dr. SH Kooders dalam Sejarah Perlindungan Alam di Indonesia

By Pandji Yudistira (MoFor)

It’s a history and biography of Dr. SH Kooders, a Bandung-born Dutch botanist who pioneered the establishment of associations of natural conservationist (Nederlandsch Indische Vereeniging tot Natuurbescherming) in Indonesia. This association was founded in Bogor, 22th July 22 1912 and then proposed Natuurmonument Ordonnantie (Act Natural Monument/Nature Reserves) to The Dutch East Indies Governor General that lead to designation of 55 Natuurmonument (Natural Monument) all over Indonesia. Through this book we can read Kooders’ message that an independent association could affect development of conservation and government with initiative and motivation.Continue reading “[Notes]: Book Discussion 4 Conservation Writers”


Trilobite!: Eyewitness to Evolution

Interesting and impassioned book!

Read this book during my fieldwork in Sulawesi and luckily borrowed it from a friend. Many thanks to Adele for lending me this super awesome and well written book!

TRILOBITES is not only just a fossils says Richard Fortey. It contains many stories behind its carrapaces and moulting stages. Famous in Cambrian Period and vanished in the end of Ordovician Period, this living fossils manifests extraordinary features and reveals magnificent roles when earth still young and human doesn’t existed.Continue reading “TRILOBITES!”

Autobiography of a Yogi

Autobiography of a Yogi

It is about maybe a week after I finished this spectacular book. Spirituality and logics blend in one namely Autobiography of a Yogi. This is about life and adventure one man, Paramhansa Yogananda, to become and finally a Yogi. I have to be honest. I am a big fan of Steve Jobs and after reading his biography I am trying to find this book through internet.

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Ancient Bandung

Bandung City, my hometown have long history on its making. Once upon a time there is no such thing called Bandung City. Parahyangan Plate is surrounded by many mountains and in the middle there is Danau Bandung Purba or an ancient lake (Danau = Lake). But after 50,000 years ago finally it dried up and then civilazation comes to this central area. Bandung means 2 wells side by side (Bramantyo & Bachtiar 2009). The history itself is so interesting and I am very happy after finally I finished their book about History and Tourism of Bandung from geological point of view. 

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