Yogyakarta: Borobudur Temple | Candi Borobudur


I never get bored with Yogyakarta visiting Borobudur and Mendut Temple. Great place with great view.

Tidak ada bosan-bosannya ke Yogyakarta tanpa mengunjungi Candi Borobudur dan Candi Mendut. Tempat yang menakjubkan dengan pemandangan yang indah.


Yogyakarta: Coffee Adventure (Part 1) | Petualangan Kopi (Bagian 1)


Never underestimate the power of friendship and you will find great place for coffee like Klinik Kopi . There is time you want coffee and when the time is come, we enjoyed it so much :)

Jangan pernah meremehkan kekuatan persahabatan dan Anda akan menemukan tempat yang bagus untuk ngopi seperti Klinik Kopi. Ada kalanya ketika kamu ingin kopi ketika waktunya tiba dan kami begitu menikmatinya :)

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Urban Bat Training

I went to Universitas Indonesia, Depok about early last month to give bat handling/mistnetting training to Sheherazade and friends (Ardian, Marsya,  and Shafi) because she will conduct her study on fruit bats at Central Sulawesi this June/July. Well the weather didn’t let us to catch a thing that night though. It was heavy rain just after we set up the mistnets. But it gave all us impression that bat training can be done not only at outdoor instead we discuss about bat handling techniques using equipment and fieldguides we gather before. Thanks to Susan Tsang, she’s the one who asked me to give this training to her students. Probably next time if the weather is nice to us I will catch bats at Depok or anywhere else.
Susan and I set up the mistnets before heavy rain cancelled our bat waiting night
Susan and I set up the mistnets before heavy rain cancelled our bat waiting night

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The Cyber Island


Pramuka Island is located in Thousand Island, north Jakarta and popular known as tourist place and more likely cheap diving spot for the last few years like the other island such as Tidung or Pari Island. It was a bizzare trip for me since I found HSDPA signal and electricity 24/7 in this remote island (for phone signal definitely much better than home). That is the reason why they called it The Cyber Island, Pulau Pramuka (Pulau means Island in Bahasa Indonesia) is also the administrative center for Jakarta’s Thousand Island. Once said internet connection is very important for this area development and the locals depend on it. For me who’s outsiders consider it as part of  effort to popularise this quite small but attractive island. Amazing thing you could also find island is very clean and have their own recycle system.Continue reading “The Cyber Island”

Sakau Holiday : Mount Papandayan

It’s been ages ago since I am doing my fieldwork. Last time I went to the forest last September and I am still looking for new adventure after that. Instead going nowhere and “sakau” (Bahasa Indonesia slang for sick and addicted to drugs) for holiday at home, I am backpacking to some exotic place called Mount Papandayan with some new friends I met through Facebook and Goodreads.Continue reading “Sakau Holiday : Mount Papandayan”

Ancient Bandung

Bandung City, my hometown have long history on its making. Once upon a time there is no such thing called Bandung City. Parahyangan Plate is surrounded by many mountains and in the middle there is Danau Bandung Purba or an ancient lake (Danau = Lake). But after 50,000 years ago finally it dried up and then civilazation comes to this central area. Bandung means 2 wells side by side (Bramantyo & Bachtiar 2009). The history itself is so interesting and I am very happy after finally I finished their book about History and Tourism of Bandung from geological point of view. 

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