Yogyakarta: Coffee Adventure (Part 1) | Petualangan Kopi (Bagian 1)

Never underestimate the power of friendship and you will find great place for coffee like Klinik Kopi . There is time you want coffee and when the time is come, we enjoyed it so much :) Jangan pernah meremehkan kekuatan persahabatan dan Anda akan menemukan tempat yang bagus untuk ngopi seperti Klinik Kopi. Ada kalanya ketika kamu … Continue reading Yogyakarta: Coffee Adventure (Part 1) | Petualangan Kopi (Bagian 1)

Urban Bat Training

I went to Universitas Indonesia, Depok about early last month to give bat handling/mistnetting training to Sheherazade and friends (Ardian, Marsya,  and Shafi) because she will conduct her study on fruit bats at Central Sulawesi this June/July. Well the weather didn’t let us to catch a thing that night though. It was heavy rain just … Continue reading Urban Bat Training

Sakau Holiday : Mount Papandayan

It’s been ages ago since I am doing my fieldwork. Last time I went to the forest last September and I am still looking for new adventure after that. Instead going nowhere and “sakau” (Bahasa Indonesia slang for sick and addicted to drugs) for holiday at home, I am backpacking to some exotic place called … Continue reading Sakau Holiday : Mount Papandayan