Jakarta: Dinner at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, The Signatures Restaurant Review

Imagine that you can traveling across India right now. Imagine you can taste every such delicacy cuisine from northern, southern, and the rest of India without leaving Jakarta. Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta welcome you to taste original Indian culinary by their guest chef, Chef Ashwani Kumar Singh, a top chef at an award winning restaurants Dilli32, Kempinski Ambience Hotel, Delhi. For this special Colours of India event, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta and Kempinski Ambience Hotel Delhi present colourful Indian buffet set up from 02 to 17 October 2014 at The Signatures Restaurant.Continue reading “Jakarta: Dinner at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, The Signatures Restaurant Review”


Yogyakarta: Coffee Adventure (Part 2) | Petualangan Kopi (Bagian 2)


Epic Coffee & Epilog Furniture is a combination between coffee place and furniture shop. This kinda weird but it also cool combination in the same time. Although the coffee a little bit pricey (especially the meals) but it is ok to see all export quality furnitures just like in the museum.

Epic Kopi & Epilog Furniture adalah kombinasi antara tempat kopi dan toko furniture. Ini kombinasi yang agak aneh tapi juga keren dalam waktu yang sama. Meskipun kopinya sedikit mahal (terutama makanannya) tapi oke juga untuk melihat semua mebel kualitas ekspor seperti di museum.

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Yogyakarta: Coffee Adventure (Part 1) | Petualangan Kopi (Bagian 1)


Never underestimate the power of friendship and you will find great place for coffee like Klinik Kopi . There is time you want coffee and when the time is come, we enjoyed it so much :)

Jangan pernah meremehkan kekuatan persahabatan dan Anda akan menemukan tempat yang bagus untuk ngopi seperti Klinik Kopi. Ada kalanya ketika kamu ingin kopi ketika waktunya tiba dan kami begitu menikmatinya :)

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India: Asian Food in India | Masakan Asia di India

The title means it is not only Indian food. While we were in India we tasted not only Indian food but also Bhutanese and Tibetan food :)
Judul ini mengandung arti bahwa tulisan ini tidak hanya mengenai masakan India belaka. Selama kami di India kami merasakan tak hanya masakan India tapi juga masakan Bhutan dan Tibet :)

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China: Yunnan and Food | Yunnan dan Makanan


What I remember from Yunnan, China is their marvelous fruit and meals. So many barbecue place for a vegetarian even more for an omnivore. Honestly I am trying to be more healtier in China because most of the meals so oily and salty. But oh well it is a part of culture experience. Everything in Yunnan most likely to be combination of Lao, Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine (because adjacent location each another). Sometimes a bit sour but also fresh such as Dai Cuisine, one of the tribe in Yunnan Province.  Continue reading “China: Yunnan and Food | Yunnan dan Makanan”

Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang


Traveling means another culinary experience. Traveling means meeting new people. After all I love eating new experiences. What does it means? You can see it all on the photos I took below. Anyway I always thought Padang meals all about Rendang, meat or vegetable with chili sauce and coconut floss. But after this Padang ‘Rendang’ Trip, my view to Padang culinary a little bit different.Continue reading “Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang”