Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang


Traveling means another culinary experience. Traveling means meeting new people. After all I love eating new experiences. What does it means? You can see it all on the photos I took below. Anyway I always thought Padang meals all about Rendang, meat or vegetable with chili sauce and coconut floss. But after this Padang ‘Rendang’ Trip, my view to Padang culinary a little bit different.Continue reading “Padang: Culinary + Padang = Rendang”


Padang: Bukit Tinggi | The Tall Hills


I am hoping this would be my last posting for Padang Trip. You can say that this month is fully dedicated to this marvelous trip. After spend one day at Padang and Sikuai Island, we continue our journey to the north of West Sumatera which full with mountains and hilly areas.
Continue reading “Padang: Bukit Tinggi | The Tall Hills”