Padang: Bukit Tinggi | The Tall Hills


I am hoping this would be my last posting for Padang Trip. You can say that this month is fully dedicated to this marvelous trip. After spend one day at Padang and Sikuai Island, we continue our journey to the north of West Sumatera which full with mountains and hilly areas.


Next destination, Lembah Anai!  Located just before Padang Panjang City. You will be amazed why there are so many waterfalls and canyons and hills here. One exception would be Lembah Anai which located just next to the road (!). Didn’t take the picture because it was pouring rain (Do-Uh). Bukit Tinggi which means The Tall Hills in Bahasa Indonesia maybe as popular as Padang for a city in West Sumatra. At the time we arrive at Bukit Tinggi it was praying time for Muslim and then we visited Jami’ Birugo Mosque ~ might means blue mosque. Well I saw it like in tosca colour though. Really beautiful, isn’t it?


Errmm … we were staying at a very sketchy hotel although booked it through Agoda. Look even better on their bathroom and lavatory. Seems nobody cleaned the room for ages. The bedroom probably much better but in the morning I feel little creatures crawling on the top of my body. I don’t think it is a bed bug though. Crazy!


However, our top destination definitely Bukit Tinggi which famous for its giant clock (noticed that this clock actually not straight at all). We visited it in the evening and morning and I would suggest to visit it in early morning to avoid the traditional market and get good clear pictures. Most people probably tend to be very bored to see this landmark anyway.


After Jam Gadang we decided to go to this China town since just 3 minutes walk. We found a motorcyle parked in the middle of public street here and it is 8 AM. I don’t think this city and its citizen aware with it! Luckily it is not really crowded around here. If you want to go here, it is much better to go in the evening for dinner. This area is really famous for night culinary experience.


Not to forget is childhood house from Dr. Moch Hatta, The first vice president of Indonesia. Located just 50 meters in front of my crappy hotel. Such a lovely house and I wish I can go inside it but unfortunately we don’t have time. I really admire the design and materials of this small house.


I saw most people go for jogging and running in the street. It was CFD (Car Free Day) and like many city in Indonesia Sunday means CFD. My feet feel itchy wanna go for running but we have another schedule (again!).


Ngarai Sianok or the great wall of Indonesia. Well you can visit this canyon very easy from Bukit Tinggi definitely. I hate the fact most people go here in the morning because you can see  ‘the human traffic all over this place’! It got really tiny pedestrian walk and you have to wait in large queue around 300 people to go to other side of Ngarai Sianok.


Lembah Harau or Indonesia Grand Canyon: You can see more waterfalls and giant hills/canyon here. Don’t forget to shout you name here because you can hear echoes of your own voice sometimes at some particular places like picture on the top.


Honestly, I feel I had enough with canyons and hills and waterfalls when arrived Lembah Harau but I see something else. It is very lovely to see young scouts. Anyway seems they just finished the Saturday Sunday Camping (Persami) with the entire school. They are really cute and friendly as well.


You might want to visit Pagaruyung Palace if you near Batu Sangkar. Well it’s basically a huge and beautiful Gadang House. For another story on this place you can click here. I found it fascinating but then I found a giant fig tree cut by lighting (picture below). The location make sense though because it is the only one on the top of the hill. It has been said as well that Paguruyung Palace has been burned/stroked by lighting 2 times too. Anyway, you can take pictures with traditional clothes by paying Rp 30,000 while you are at this place. Bringing your family would be fine as well because they have tourist attraction like horse riding and Teletubbies puppet (feel like in Disneyland a bit heheh). It was absolutely kinda bizarre to see it at historical place but this is reality at Indonesia tourism places.


Owkay this is not my final posting on Padang Trip but this is the second to the last one. I dedicate the last posting only just for my culinary experience. AHEY!



  1. anggitacy says:

    Helloooooooo kak feliiii… inget akuuu?? acy GoetheInstitut bareng?? :D Kakaaaaaak itu kampung akuu looooohhh :D


    1. flasmana says:

      Halloooo masih ingat dunk!
      oiyakahhhhhh? aseek aseek!
      nanti kalo kesana lagi aku hubungin yaaaa :)


      1. anggitacy says:

        okeh okeh okeh kakakkk :D


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