India: India Gate at New Delhi | Gerbang India di New Delhi

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We couldn’t go to many places in New Delhi since only had 3 hours before airport time. India Gate is the right place for us that time although in super hot afternoon. India Gate is a national monument to commemorate 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army during the World War I. 
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India: Asian Food in India | Masakan Asia di India

The title means it is not only Indian food. While we were in India we tasted not only Indian food but also Bhutanese and Tibetan food :)
Judul ini mengandung arti bahwa tulisan ini tidak hanya mengenai masakan India belaka. Selama kami di India kami merasakan tak hanya masakan India tapi juga masakan Bhutan dan Tibet :)

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India: Hectic Dharamsala | Dharamsala yang Sibuk


Anything you can find in Dharamsala starts here!!

Above picture is mural on Tibetan resistance, some of them including self immolation. You can visit a museum near Dalai Lama temple and residence to know more information for free. Leave your camera at special counter as it’s forbidden to carry them near this Dalai Lama’s area.

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Norbulingga: The Tibetan Lost City | Norbulingga: Kota Tibet Yang Hilang


Find a small city with temple, full with handicraftsmen, full with museums, full with souvenirs, of course with beautiful Tibetan buildings and many Tibetan refugees. You can even pray and meditate and do your yoga pose in Norbulingga Garden. Sipping butter tea at their tea house is possible here. It’s been quite a walk to get there but it’s nothing with the serene of this place. My suggestion even though for their super premium quality and it’s all hand made, most things sell here are expensive. But the entry ticket for Tibetan buildings and garden are only Rs40 -50/foreigners and Rs20/locals … and I got local price for my face :) Continue reading “Norbulingga: The Tibetan Lost City | Norbulingga: Kota Tibet Yang Hilang”

India: Dharamsala on the Street | Dharamsala di Jalanan


Whatever you take as transportation vehicles in India, let it be your own adventure. I found incredible thing when I was in at Dharamsala such as Rhesus Macaques (Macaca mulatta) (CITES: Appendix II) and Kashmir Grey Langur (Semnopithecus ajax) (IUCN : Endangered) sprawling on the street. You can even see details in every corner of buses or taxi like colourful offerings for gods/goddess and holy man pendant anytime and anywhere.  Continue reading “India: Dharamsala on the Street | Dharamsala di Jalanan”

Mcleod Ganj Sunset | Matahari Terbenam McLeod Ganj


Every single sunset in Dharamsala and Mcleod Ganj  is a new beginning and beautiful respectively despite wires all over the place :D. Just before dark you can see lots of eagles flying around the sky and I mean LOTS!! Didn’t bring my binoculars that time but I will when I am back again there.

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