The Cyber Island


Pramuka Island is located in Thousand Island, north Jakarta and popular known as tourist place and more likely cheap diving spot for the last few years like the other island such as Tidung or Pari Island. It was a bizzare trip for me since I found HSDPA signal and electricity 24/7 in this remote island (for phone signal definitely much better than home). That is the reason why they called it The Cyber Island, Pulau Pramuka (Pulau means Island in Bahasa Indonesia) is also the administrative center for Jakarta’s Thousand Island. Once said internet connection is very important for this area development and the locals depend on it. For me who’s outsiders consider it as part of  effort to popularise this quite small but attractive island. Amazing thing you could also find island is very clean and have their own recycle system.

Here you will wait and sit and sleep for the next 2.5 hours just before arrive to Pulau Pramuka. ENJOY!

You don’t need Bali if you are here since probably you can find every  tourist attraction here such as banana boat, jet skiing, snorkling, diving, cycling, etc. It is also only two and half hours from Jakarta (Tanjung Periok Harbour) by boat and you will be like boatman for a while. You can go with 10 friends and it will cost you less than Rp 300.000,- for 2D1N including accomodation and food ++.  You can see lots  of interesting scenery during the boat trip. It is recommended to bring your binocular because you will pass Pulau Rambut, a wildlife reserve and bird paradise for many birdwatchers in Indonesia. You will be lucky enough if you find some raptors which is quite difficult to see not like the cormorants which you’ll find it anytime around the island.

Another MUST thing to do in Pulau Pramuka is either diving or snorkling. For only a half day you can visit most likely 3 diving spots and then end up to see sunset at the bay. A definitely YES is to taste the seafood and fishes for dinner. A short trip or whatever how long you take vacation, it will be an ace an ice cream in the end before got home. I really like this trip since most my spend in the forest and cities. Hopefully in another time I can make another beach trip like this one together with best friend.


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