Serang: A Visit to Rumah Dunia | Kunjungan ke Rumah Dunia


Is this your old red bicycle?

 Apakah ini sepeda merah lama milikmu?

It was not a long journey to Rumah Dunia in Serang, Banten. It was only a short visit for “Rumah Adalah Di Mana Pun” book discussion last month. This book is written by Indri Juwono & her friends in Langkah Dewi. However, I will not talk about the travel book itself for now (*spoiler* I am also in the book as supporting character in Indri’s story :p). I am so impressed with the neighbourhood and Gol A Gong‘s mission to increase literacy in Banten. Who doesn’t know about Rumah Dunia, Gol A Gong, and Balada Si Roy? Even though honestly I never read it but I know him since I was in primary school. My first impression when seeing Rumah Dunia that it is so artsy. Many recycled and old stuff are combined and made into art stuff. There are Rumah Dunia Auditorium and outdoor hall for hundreds of people in the front yard . In the old version of Rumah Dunia, most building materials are made from bamboo.