The New Corner Office Book Review

Working from home is a skill!

This book came at the right time during the pandemic where everyone goes into remote working mode. During the pandemic time, there are so many articles about work from home, but the new corner office is well written and helpful for someone who needs more motivation in remote working.

The topic itself is not a new thing but Vanderkam gives a new perspective on how managing our time and working from home, not only for you but also everyone in organisational level with some takehome message like here:

Managing by task, rather time. Image you are working in three different time zone. Personally, it is not ideal for working based on time if your colleagues spread across three continents. Take it slow if you feel overwhelmed with your tasks.

Keep in schedule and the rhythm right. Get your three Most Important Things (MIT) a day before, and create rituals. When I get my coffee, it means a serious business for me.

WFH for the team. Remote working is new for many people, including organisations – so don’t feel hopeless. Practically most people are adapting to this new lifestyle. Again, this is not only about you but also your organisations.

Think ahead time. Always remember your career ambitions. Does not mean because of pandemic you must forget what kind things that make you tick! Make a plan!

Work-life balance is a must. Working from home for a few days is provenly benefited for people to keep productive (and sane!).

Of course, the most important is how to make a difference and impacts on your organisation and society. From whenever you’re working.

The post is mirror page from my review on Goodreads.

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