Traveling Gears 2021 (WFH edition)

I haven’t been posting this topic for the last couple of years. Surely there were few changes on my Traveling Gears as I usually tried to get things handed to family or donated when I don’t feel happy to use it again. I have been fortunate to have an opportunity to work from home for two years, and these following products are used daily nowadays.

This post is more likely informational and personal review for anyone who needs it. As a minimalist, my principle when buying things is not really about the brands but functionality and long-lasting use.

Fujifilm XF10

This is a replacement from Fujifilm X70 and my third Fujifilm camera since 2012 with Fujifilm X10. The Fujifilm UK was kindly replaced my X70 free-of-charge since I accidentally broke the review buttons – the perks of buying stuff in the UK! :). So far, it is a good camera if you are looking for a snap-and-shoot camera. Nowadays I use it for food photography and street photography.

Apple Airpods (2nd Generation)

Earpods that I have together with iPhone SE (1st generation) are breaking apart although I still use it for music listening. Most likely, I use Apple Airpods for vid call conference and making a call. I have the one with the charging case and simply bought it because of the size and hopefully durability. It also fits with my old Earpods ear hooks cover for my workout session. For safety purpose, I bought a black ESR Protective Silicone cover altogether.

BENQ LED Monitor 24 Inch EW2445ZH

My tiny workspace at home sweet home with BENQ LED monitor and Surface Pro 4 :)

I really love this monitor! It has been with me for 2 years and two cities. It performs really well with a very reasonable price and quality. I might add a vertical monitor later or buy a 32′ monitor to help my daily work. But for now, this monitor size is very suitable and quite chic with my workspace at home.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This is actually my second Surface Pro 4 since 2016. The earliest SP4 had screen flickers problem after 2 years, but I got a replacement due to manufacturing malfunction. To do the replacement, I must go to the only Microsoft Store in Europe, and that would be in Oxford Circus, London :(

UAG Surface Pro 4 (Kobalt)

I did crack my laptop screen once during a traveling to Jersey Island. That’s the reason why I bought this protector case. It is a military drop-tested case and has a built-in Surface Pen storage. It might look bulky and intimidating sometimes, but it does the job, protecting my SP4 and suitable with the Surface type cover.

Logitech M331 Wireless Silent Mouse

I have a black one to replace my obsolete and broken Logitech mouse. It is a wireless silent mouse with agronomical design (very important for me!). Previously I almost have Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) hands due to long hours in front of a computer.

Miscellaneous Accessories

I have miscellaneous cables and adapters –  HDMI cable, Orico USB Card reader, mini display port to HDMI adapter. All of them are useful, especially when I work on a big screen.

12″ Portable Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet PC Keypad for Microsoft Surface Pro

The good thing, SP4 is a strong computer as tablet although type pad is somewhat replaceable. I also use the Surface pen when I need to do handwriting. Last year, I found that the surface type cover is no longer worked and I replace with this no-brand Bluetooth keyboard that I can have it delivered to Indonesia with 1/3 price of original type cover. The typing experience is an okay one and does the job so far.

Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen

Last year I converted to use a fountain pen and bought it together with the pen converter 40 and Iroshizuku ink (Kon-peki colour). Hoping never to repurchase any ballpoint and pen to reduce plastic waste again. Although now there are some options if you prefer Eco-friendly pens you can get it at Shopee. But after trying my belated father’s Lamy 69, I don’t think I will turn to normal pens again. I do still have some pens at home, but I rarely use it. I love this Pilot Kakuno! It’s cheap and has a smiley face on its nib to ensure you write in a correct angle. This pen is also perfect for a gift for your kids!

Dingbats Earth Lime Yasuni Journal – Dotted (A5+ 16×21.5cm)

The top notebook is Moleskine and the yellow and red in the bottom are Dingbats.

This is my second Dingbats this year after the red one. They are perfect without ink bleeding and shadowing with my Kakuno fountain pen, compare to other notebook brands like Moleskine and LEUCHTTURM 1917. However, I still use Moleskine as daily agenda because I bought plenty of stocks at Gramedia a couple years ago when they had a 70% discount for all Moleskine product :)

Keep Cup Brew Cork Alder

I recently bought this reusable coffee cups because I don’t like the taste of plastic cups and hygiene reasons. I still have my original keep cup, but it does not insulate enough and still quite hot when you handle due to its plastic and rubber material. Before pandemic and more after that, I always try to bring my BYO cups and avoid plastic cup, plus you can save up some monies at some cafes.

Klean Kanteen Wide Vacuum Insulated 16oz

This is my first choice for an excellent stainless steel flask to keep your drink hot and cold for a very long time. I have both a café cap and loop cap for different purposes. You can keep your sparkling soda too with this insulated flask. However, I prefer not ordering latte with this flask because most barista will destroy and pour the crema.

VAHDAM Classic Tea Infuser

As a tea drinker, I use Vahdam tea infuser when brewing my favourite loose leaves tea collection. The infuser is convenient too and can be placed interchangeably to my Keep Cups.

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