[Chevening] Choosing the Right University

Congratulation for all of you who made it! You are probably reading this because just recently awarded as candidate for Chevening Scholarship 2017/2018 (or probably thinking to apply any scholarship). Now it’s time to complete your all your course requirement to become a fully Chevening scholar. These are tips if you want to decide which university you will attend this September or probably earlier or later than that. Continue reading “[Chevening] Choosing the Right University”

Iceland: in Spring Time

Happy Thursday! Another place from my bucket list to be erased, ICELAND. I was there last month for 5 days road trip with other 5 old and new friends from Indonesia. Continue reading “Iceland: in Spring Time”

My 2016 Self Review


So I think I spent more times for myself this year more than ever and I feel very grateful. I still have family who always available for me whenever I live. My colleagues are also awesome and very supportive of my career development.

I also think that I am still a naive person but now even more open-minded than I used to. I also love being vulnerable and very honest for unexplained reasons. As I found many good and new best friends (and support system) because of these special character traits.

Continue reading “My 2016 Self Review”

Jurnal Chevening #1: Tips Aplikasi

Photo by Ben Thompson

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama ini adalah tulisan pertama saya mengenai beasiswa Chevening. Hampir 2 bulan lalu pada tanggal 17 September saya tiba di Inggris untuk melanjutkan pendidikan S2 (lagi) melalui skema pendanaan Beasiswa Chevening (baca Civ-veu-ning). Continue reading “Jurnal Chevening #1: Tips Aplikasi”

Time Management

Time is super precious! Manage your time well for your study, family, friends, and of course ME time. Time management is the key to surviving . Plan it well and execute it well. Find time for self-reflection. Photo is from underworld grotto at the Leeds Castle. It is decorated with various mythical beasts created from shells, minerals and wood. Time management is first appeared on http://www.felicialasmana.com Save Save Save Continue reading Time Management

Apakah Kebun Binatang Bandung masih perlu diselamatkan?

Untitled picture

Beberapa waktu lalu dunia sosial media Indonesia khususnya kota Bandung diramaikan oleh petisi pada Change.org Selamatkan Kebun Binatang Bandung! Namun apakah memang KBB memang layak untuk diselamatkan? Continue reading “Apakah Kebun Binatang Bandung masih perlu diselamatkan?”