More about early 2018 reflection: Living in Indonesia after a year in the UK

So here I am again babbling about myself because I can do this with my blog. Besides blog is a place to put ideas, connect with other people, and give answers to what usually people ask at me. You can call this writing is more in-depth reflection from 2017 and how I can update everyone. About back to Indonesia. It is totally a big thing when it comes to adaptation. Continue reading “More about early 2018 reflection: Living in Indonesia after a year in the UK”


Time Management

Time is super precious! Manage your time well for your study, family, friends, and of course ME time. Time management is the key to surviving . Plan it well and execute it well. Find time for self-reflection. Photo is from underworld grotto at the Leeds Castle. It is decorated with various mythical beasts created from shells, minerals and wood. Time management is first appeared on Save Save Save Continue reading Time Management

Make you days count everyday


We all want to do so much: take on every request that people email us, complete our neverending list of tasks and projects, help everyone, travel everywhere, learn a ton of new skills, read every book and watch every good film, be the perfect partner and parent and friend …

And yet, we can’t possibly do it all.

There isn’t enough time in the day, nor do we have the attention bandwidth to devote to everything. Even if we were perfectly disciplined, we couldn’t possibly get to even half of what we want to do. Just as with eating, where our eyes are bigger than our stomachs … our hopes are bigger than our actual bandwidths.

So I say, give up on trying to do it all. Simplify. Don’t try to be perfect. Don’t try to have the most perfect life you can create.

Instead, make your days count.

Leo Babauta – Zenhabits

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Downtown of Yangon (Part II)


So this is the part two of Yangon downtown. Like i said before there are so many interesting things to see in this city. For example photo above. I am not sure what is company’s intention when making jargon for this soft drink ads :D

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Downtown of Yangon


Wandering Yangon, The Golden City and everytime you look around there is always be something new to see :) Above is a view of San Chaung Township where I stayed for a while at Humble Footprint Hostel/Hotel. Continue reading “Downtown of Yangon”

Ilmu Dasar: Perlukan Kita Pelajari Kembali di Bangku Kuliah?

Setelah lulus SIPENMARU, UMPTN, SPMB, atau apapun itu namanya sekarang (maaf sudah tidak up-to-date lagipula bukankah intinya sama saja? seleksi perguruan tinggi negeri?), selamat akhirnya anda 100% menjadi seorang mahasiswa/i perguruan tinggi negeri.

Namun ada pertanyaan yang menggelitik dengan teman-teman satu kost di malam itu. Maklum karena cuma saya sendiri yang sudah bekerja di antara adik-adik mahasiswa yang tinggal di kostan khusus puteri ini. Para mahasiswi perguruan tinggi negeri ini mengeluhkan akhirnya mereka telah berhasil menyelesaikan UTS setelah 1 hingga 2 minggu ini begadang untuk belajar, membahagiakan kedua orangtua, membahagiakan dosen, pacar, temen contekan, serta melupakan hasil contekan atau kisi-kisi yang ternyata tidak keluar! Walaupun demikian disini saya tidak ingin berbicara mengenai UTS yang baru saja berlalu. Continue reading “Ilmu Dasar: Perlukan Kita Pelajari Kembali di Bangku Kuliah?”