Downtown of Yangon (Part II)


So this is the part two of Yangon downtown. Like i said before there are so many interesting things to see in this city. For example photo above. I am not sure what is company’s intention when making jargon for this soft drink ads :D


I have seen many colourful mosques in Southeast Asia but this one kinda bizzare. Black and white is simple yet kinda eerie for mosque I think.


Shan Noodle at Aung Mingalar! It’s the best one in town! Try the tofu salad too for sure. It is very refreshing!


Dutch coffee bar just next to Bogyoke Market. Great escapade after shopping nearby. Coffee starts from ~$2 – 3 for premium coffee.  I am strongly recommend to buy organic coffee beans here too for any coffee lover ($7).


Souvenirs anyone? and that on the top is Myanma(r) glass beer for any beer lover.


Tick tock tick tock tick tock!


Rangoon Tea House where you can find milk tea with different sweetness and milk size, but first you should see THE MENU.


Fan + fan still at Rangoon Tea House


This view reminds me a lot to Pasar Baru in Bandung LOL


People’s Park, a place for hang out in the late afternoon and music party.


Logo on People’s Park Gate, which opposite to The West Gate of Shwedagon Pagoda.


Easy Cafe’s corner. As you can see, you can see my friend Julia over there. This place offers good internet connection and quiet working place.

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