Downtown of Yangon


Wandering Yangon, The Golden City and everytime you look around there is always be something new to see :) Above is a view of San Chaung Township where I stayed for a while at Humble Footprint Hostel/Hotel.

7San Chaung Towship is known for its community diversity. You can find Hindu Temple, Buddha Pagoda and Muslim Mosque here in the same area.  Photo above is a hindu temple near my hostel.

18Huge watermelon!  my favorite fruit! Why Indonesia does not have watermelon as big as that?

DSC_0071Yangon from 8th floor! Pretty much busy and crowded like Jakarta.


One of the bar in the 19th Street that famous for BBQ restaurant and night life in the heart of Yangon Chinatown.


Bookseeler, busy with cellphone. Many Myanmar people is really into facebook like Indonesian

DSCF6359A view from a city hall. Crowded with cars in a very hot day in February.

DSCF6365Palmistry and Astrology counter just near the train station.

DSCF6366Pigeons in front of Sule Pagoda.

DSCF6371Bogyoke Market where tourists and travelers compete to find the best jade and longyi, (Myanmar traditional saroong/cloth).

DSCF6373Longyi seller in Bogyoke Market. Price from $5 – $8 ($1 = 1000 Kyat)

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    1. Yoi.. Rrr gue cuman bawa ransel 33L yg isinya baju dan barang lapangan. Cuman beli buat Indri doang. kmrn aku dikasi temen yg dari suku karen.


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