Why I’m back to Bandung (my hometown)

After staying in Bogor for years and lots of travels finally I’m back for good to Bandung – my hometown – due to COVID 19. Yes, the reason is quite common as other people nowadays. Although I’m not sure whether it’s similar for other grown adults Indonesian nowadays as some of us most likely staying with our parents. Anyway, last time I posted something similar to this is about living in Indonesia after a year studying in the UK.

Last July, I moved all my stuff from Bogor – my home since 2012 – and then I travelled across the UK and Europe until mid of March 2020. In early pandemic days in Indonesia, it seems I don’t have much option than moved back to my childhood home. The pandemic indeed brought our family together. I feel that I am more connected with mum nowadays. At the beginning of March until lockdown day in France, we managed to do spiritual pilgrimage across 3 countries and 13 cities in Europe. It was a wonderful experience for both of us as we grow together in faith.

One of my favourite things at home nowadays is chatting with mum in bed together before going to sleep. Every night is a special moment for both of us. The same thing like my grandma and mom did together in the past. We chatted until dawn or until mum fell asleep peacefully and I left to my own bedroom.

Staying again with mum is quite a strange feeling, and sometimes it’s frustrating. I would say frustration and happiness at the same time. Mum always wanted to talk with her girl who away from home for the past 6-years. Feeding her daughter until I said enough and making my own food. She even questioned me every weekend if I am sitting in front of my computer, although only for blog reading or chatting with friends. Many times I explained what is my job because it is quite an unconventional job compared with my siblings and other families. Eventually, she started to understand why I am working in the late afternoon until her bedtime due to time zone difference.

Along this home time, I paid attention to many things. I know sometimes I have to fix things at home. Some stuff that is neglected when I was away from home. For example, asking handyman to fix 30 years’ old kitchen, replacing old and cracked bathroom tiles, tidying the messy garden and the list goes on. My mum is a little forgetful lately because of her age, although I found she’s still hilarious. Mostly when she talked about my eccentric aunts or travelling moment to Europe. She was unpersuaded that she needs my help with the chore at home. She would do everything she can by herself and not let her children do it – of course, I did listen to her most of the time.

There was a time when I want to go back to travel again, but for now, I will just sit tight and enjoy my home sweet home. I will explore Indonesia most likely and staying longer in these places if I go back to travel again (hopefully abroad too). Honestly, I am more likely a slow traveller person, and this pandemic situation makes us more considerably when thinking and planning a journey.

Photo was taken at Montserrat about one hour from Barcelona, Spain. It is the main religious shrine and national symbol for Catalan people. You might have heard a font called Monserrat which totally has different history.

Why I’m back to Bandung (my hometown) first appeared on www.felicialasmana.com


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