Why I’m back to Bandung (my hometown)

After staying in Bogor for years and lots of travels finally I’m back for good to Bandung – my hometown – due to COVID 19. Yes, the reason is quite common as other people nowadays. Although I’m not sure whether it’s similar for other grown adults Indonesian nowadays as some of us most likely staying with our parents. Anyway, last time I posted something similar to this is about living in Indonesia after a year studying in the UK.

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My 2016 Self Review


So I think I spent more times for myself this year more than ever and I feel very grateful. I still have family who always available for me whenever I live. My colleagues are also awesome and very supportive of my career development.

I also think that I am still a naive person but now even more open-minded than I used to. I also love being vulnerable and very honest for unexplained reasons. As I found many good and new best friends (and support system) because of these special character traits.

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My 2014 Successes and Failures

I am actually inspired by this post from one of my favourite blogger. 2014 is truly a great year but I also looking forward for the next adventure in 2015. Here I compiled either failures and successes along 2014 as a reminder like last year.

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Self Review in 2014

Just had a few weeks off from blogging because one to another things. I also have several things to do just before the end of this year and made a self review.

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