My 2014 Successes and Failures

I am actually inspired by this post from one of my favourite blogger. 2014 is truly a great year but I also looking forward for the next adventure in 2015. Here I compiled either failures and successes along 2014 as a reminder like last year.


  1. Reading books. Every year I have certain goals on Goodreads but this year I didn’t complete it. I guess because of my reading habit keeps changing. However this year I start to hear audiobook which is pleasant.
  2. Being vegan. I am actually tried to be vegan and or vegetarian for health and ethical  reason but I guess I will stick as selective omnivores.  I feel being selective omnivore as the best lifestyle choice I made for now.
  3. Meditation. I am always keep struggling to make time for meditation. I hope next year I will stay consistent.
  4. Less Social Media. Actually it is half successes since I blocked most social medias and mute all notifications on my phone. I tend to use time with real socialisation, left my phone many times when meeting friends, and reading (real) books instead.


  1. Writing This Blog. I am enable to write blog and maintain it to the whole year. Of course I would say not really good in writing. It takes time and mental even though for such a short paragraph. Like this month apparently it is so hard to just write my blog post.
  2. Traveling. I travelled to many interesting places such as West Papua, Taiwan, West Kalimantan, Penang, Singapore, and Krakatau due to my work or just because I want to travel for meeting friends or satisfy my curiosity. The latter one actually pretty random thought at that moment but I suited it with my travel-work arrangement.
  3. Win Competition. Recently I won free tubing trip at  Sinjang Lawang at Pangandaran by Blibur. In the same month, I have also won blog writing competition from Hotel Indonesia Kempinski (woop-woop!). You can read my blogpost for the competition here.
  4. Yoga Festival. I went to my first Yoga Festival which actually nice in the mid of hot Jakarta.  I wish can go to another yoga or non-yoga festival next year.
  5. My Bucket List. This year I went for the-real-solo traveling to Penang and tubing (YIP YIP!). Double (✓) in my bucket list then!!
  6. Yoga Challenge. I am able to do headstand off the wall now and now learning how to do handstands (off the wall too). Yoga for me is for stress release and sports. It’s great for my body and heart too.
  7. New & Old Friends. Be friended with new people and met good ol’ friends. Nothings will make you better than a good friend nearby. Two of my school mates got married just before the end of this year. Happy to see them happy as they are truly glowing brides as far I can see. I am also a happy auntie too as my best friend just gave birth recently!
  8. New log book. And it’s brown! It is an Monologue not a Moleskine. So far I love it even though it is not Moleskine if you know what I meant hehe.

Looking back to my successes and failures actually it is not really bad at all but in the upcoming years I hope I can be better and get more great experiences and of course ticking more of my bucket list :)

Anyway do you have a bucket list too?

Photo is an empty shell on Batu Karas Beach, a place where I went last week for weekend hideout with 

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  1. ejiebelula says:


    Keren kali lah fely nih. Ajarin aku nulis inggris, plisss…
    Oia, i’ve a bucket list too. Lots! 😍


    1. Felly says:

      hihihih ini masih juga belajar
      hayu hayu bareng coret bucket listnya :)


      1. ejiebelula says:

        Karena suka yg spontan sm kek jalan2nya, bolrh ngga bucket listnya dadakan juga, fel? Heehhehh


      2. Felly says:

        Haaa boleh donk. Apa sih yg ngga buat Ejie


      3. ejiebelula says:

        Eia, liburan th baru ngga jln2 fel?


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