Self Review in 2014

Just had a few weeks off from blogging because one to another things. I also have several things to do just before the end of this year and made a self review.

  1. When you are in a low mode, you need to go back to re-read and remind  again your biggest chapter of life. Use it to find again your life purpose.
  2. I am back to my 15’ time. so I use this timer for my break time. As kinesthetics person I need more time to concentrate than other people. This way I break my focus to be more productive and not easily distracted. My Philips headphones also helps a lot throughout many assignments.
  3. As an ambivert people I am totally can be in dual mode. Being with people I respected and care, I would be much energised and stronger. Being alone I can be a more peaceful and productive.
  4. Erased my old playlist and make a new one for fresh day starts.
  5. Walking around some places this week but instead got lost (a lot). But instead panicking I affirmed my self to be grateful and see there is a silver lining above it all.
  6. There is a silver lining behind everything [REPEAT]!

Photo is baby tortoise at Batu Hiu Tortoise Conservation Center last week in Pangandaran. Will be back with some stories after this post of course :)

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  1. ejiebelula says:

    Aku…. Akuuuuu…

    Belom selese nulis apapun ttg si kura2 kecil ini, fely.. 😳


    1. Felly says:

      hayu atuh ditulis sebelum telat haha


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