#20FactsAboutMe (Bats)


  1. The only mammals that can fly EVER!!
  2. You can divide bats into two large groups, insect bats (Microchiroptera Sub-order) and fruit bats (Megachiroptera Sub-order)
  3. … but some microbats are actually larger than some megabats.
  4. Flying foxes (genus Pteropus) are the largest fruit bats while one of the smallest megabats, the long-tongued fruit bat (Macroglossus minimus),
  5. Among microbats, the largest species is the false vampire or spectral bat (Vampyrum spectrum) and the smallest is the bumblebee bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai).
  6. There are more than 900 species of bats in the world. Some experts estimate the number to be as high as 1,200 species.
  7. Bats make up one-fifth of the mammal population on Earth, according to Bat Conservation International.
  8. Bats live all over the world, except for some islands, and the Arctic and Antarctica.
  9. Sadly ALL BATS ARE NOT PROTECTED under Indonesian Government law but Large Flying Foxes (Pteropus vampyrus) are placed in hunting quota in some places (Appendix on Consortium to Revise the HCV Toolkit for Indonesia 2008)
  10. Bats live together in groups called colonies, which contain 100 to 1,000 bats.
  11. In the day, they sleep upside down from trees or the roofs of caves, holding on with their sharp claws.
  12. Bats are also nocturnal, meaning that they sleep during the day and are active at night.
  13. Bats “see” using echolocation. They even jam each other sonars shouting “GET AWAY, THAT’S MINE!” to other bats when approaching their prey.
  14. Bats have two strategies for weathering the cold. Some migrate to warmer areas, while others go into torpor. In this short-term form of hibernation, a bat reduces its metabolic rate, lowers its body temperature, and slows its breathing and heart rate.
  15. Most bats eat flowers, small insects, fruits, nectar, pollen and leaves, though it depends on the type of bat. Megabats usually eat fruits, and microbats generally eat insects.
  16. Some bats will squeeze fruits in their mouths and drink the juices. Vampire bats drink blood, mainly from cattle and deer, but they don’t suck blood like people say.
  17. A pregnant female will carry her young for a gestation period of 40 days to six months. Then, she will give birth to one baby, called a pup. The pup will weigh about one-fourth as much as its mother at birth. Young bats drink milk from their mothers to survive, much like other mammals.
  18. The mothers and pups stay in groups, separate from the males. The other mothers help take care of the pup until it is old enough to care for itself.
  19. An anticoagulant in vampire bat saliva has been adapted for use in increasing blood flow in patients with stroke or heart disease.
  20. A fungus that causes a disease called white-nose syndrome has devastated bat population in North America.

  1. Satu-satunya mamalia yang BENAR-BENAR dapat terbang!
  2. Kelelawar dapat terbagi menjadi dua kelompok besar, kelelawar pemakan serangga (Sub-Ordo Microchiroptera) dan Kelelawar pemakan buah (Sub -Ordo Megachiroptera)
  3. … tetapi ada beberapa kelelawar pemakan serangga yang berukuran lebih besar daripada kelelawar pemakan buah
  4. Kalong Kapuk (genus Pteropus) adalah kelelawar buah terbesar sedangkan kelelawar buah terkecil adalah Cecadu-Pisang Besar (Macroglossus minimus).
  5. Pada golongan kelelawar pemakan serangga, Jenis yang terbesar adalah Kelelawar Vampir Palsu/Spektral (Vampyrum spectrum) dan yang terkecil adalah Bumblebee bat (Craseonycteris thonglongyai).
  6. Terdapat lebih dari 900 jenis kelelawar di dunia dimana beberapa ahli memperkirakan setidaknya terdapat 1200 jenis.
  7. Kelelawar mencakup 1/5 jumlah populasi mamalia bumi menurut Bat Conservation International
  8. Kelelawar hidup di seluruh dunia terkecuali beberapa pulau, Arktik dan Antartika.
  9. Sayangnya SELURUH KELELAWAR TIDAK DILINDUNGI oleh Peraturan Pemerintah Indonesia walau Kalong Kapuk (Pteropus vamyrus) telah ditentukan jumlah kuota perburuannya di beberapa tempat (Lampiran Konsorsium Revisi Identifikasi Toolkit HCV untuk Indonesia 2008).
  10. Kelelawar hidup bersama dalam kelompok yang disebut koloni, terdiri dari 100 hingga 1000 kelelawar.
  11. Pada siang hari, kelelawar tidur terbalik di pepohonan atau atap gua, bergantungan dengan cakar mereka yang tajam.
  12. Kelelawar juga mahluk nokturnal, artinya mereka tidur di siang hari dan aktif di malam hari.
  13. Kelelawar ‘melihat’ dengan menggunakan daya ekolokasi. Sonar mereka juga bertubrukan satu sama lain dan berteriak “PERGI SANA, ITU PUNYAKU!” kepada kelelawar lainnya ketika mereka mendekati mangsanya.  
  14. Kelelawar memiliki dua strategi untuk menghadapi cuaca dingin. Bebrapa bermigrasi ke daerah yang lebih hangat sedangkan yang lain menjalani torpor. Istilah ini adalah suatu bentuk hibernasi, dimana kelelawar mengurangi laju metabolismenya, memperlambat suhu tubuhnya, dan memperlambat laju pernapasan serta jantung.
  15. Kebanyakan kelelawar memakan bunga-bungaan, serangga kecil, buah-buahan, nektar, polen dan dedaunan. Walaupun hal ini bergantung kepada jenis kelelawar tentunya. Megabats biasanya makan buah-buahan dan microbats umumnya makan serangga.
  16. Beberapa kelelawar akan memeras buah-buahan di dalam mulutnya kemudian meminum jusnya. Kelelawar vampir biasanya meminum darah dari hewan ternak dan rusa. Mereka tidak menghisap darah seperti orang bilang.
  17. Kelelawar betina hamil selama 40 hari hingga 6 bulan dan biasanya beranak satu ekor. Berat bayi kelelawar biasanya 1/4 berat ibunya ketika lahir. Kelelawar muda juga minum susu ibunya untuk bertahan hidup, sama seperti mamalia lainnya.
  18. Ibu dan anak kelelawar tinggal dalam kelompok tapi terpisah dari para jantan. Ibu kelelawar lainnya juga membantu memelihara anak kelelawar hingga cukup besar untuk menjaga dirinya sendiri.
  19. Zat anti pembekuan darah (antikoagulan) terdapat pada air liur kelelawar vampir telah diadaptasi penggunaannya untuk meningkatkan aliran darah pasien stroke and gangguan jantung.
  20. Sebuah jamur yang menyebabkan wabah penyakit yang disebut dengan white-nose syndrome telah menghancurkan populasi kelelawar di Amerika Utara.

Photo #1 Unhappy face from Hipposideros diadema (Diadem’s Nose-leaf Bat). I guess it’s a long night from him/her that time. I can’t recall its sex-type as it was taken back in 2012. Photo #2  Macroglossus minimus (long tongue nectar bats), same like its name, has long tongue and considered as one of the smallest fruit bats in the world. This post is part of challenge from Marsya Sibarani (check her version #20factsaboutme on Javan Gibbons OK!).  Some of this post modified from Facts on Bats on Livescience. This post #20FactsAboutMe (Bats) appeared first on www.felicialasmana.com



  1. Nina says:

    Interesting post. which lead me to this the question whether bats get rabies as dogs and human? and was there any case that false vampire (Vampyrum spectrum) such human blood? what about Ebola, is there any relation with bat habitation?


    1. Felly says:

      Akh yaaaa better put 21 facts and the latter one related to ebola. Thanks! :D

      So far I know and if not mistaken , for rabies and also ebola, bats act as virus reservoir. So they may be live okay but when human and other animal in contact with them the virus becomes active.in contact here: meat consumption, blood & saliva exchange.

      Study about bats’ habitat and ebola still ongoing I reckon. Maybe there is a connection and maybe not. Some researcher made this as another reason why we have to conserve bats including its habitat. Also another reason to go vegetarian and vegan too for some people.

      When it said false vampire bats means they are not really a vampire bats. Actually it’s an insect bats hehe. The real vampire bats is under different species called Desmondus rotundus and only exist in South America. Never heard they suck human blood though except you got cut and they can easily lick your wound hehe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nina says:

        I’m impressed you are very knowledgeable👍


  2. Felly says:

    Not really following actually like used too. I worked with bats before so know a bit.


  3. noonathome says:

    Whoa…pretty cool. Tapi nanti kalo aku nge-like statusmu di FB, aku harus bikin juga yak…hahaha….


    1. Felly says:

      Hahahh ngga juga kalii :D


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