Iceland: Wandering in Reykjavik

Second post for Iceland trip! Now in my lazy Saturday afternoon in Canterbury and it is super sunny. This reminds me on my days in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik. This quite touristy but small city can be visited for a day or two days trip.Continue reading “Iceland: Wandering in Reykjavik”


The Northern Island (1): Gleen Ariff Forest Park and surroundings

One thing about Northern Ireland, The Land of Game of Thrones. The East Coast, in particular, Gleen Ariff is surely beautiful and very refreshing. I was here during Chrismas break to visit my old friend, Dave Tosh, wandering around the hills, farmlands and abandoned castle.

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My 2014 Successes and Failures

I am actually inspired by this post from one of my favourite blogger. 2014 is truly a great year but I also looking forward for the next adventure in 2015. Here I compiled either failures and successes along 2014 as a reminder like last year.

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Self Review in 2014

Just had a few weeks off from blogging because one to another things. I also have several things to do just before the end of this year and made a self review.

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