My 2016 Self Review


So I think I spent more times for myself this year more than ever and I feel very grateful. I still have family who always available for me whenever I live. My colleagues are also awesome and very supportive of my career development.

I also think that I am still a naive person but now even more open-minded than I used to. I also love being vulnerable and very honest for unexplained reasons. As I found many good and new best friends (and support system) because of these special character traits.

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Time Management


Time is super precious! Manage your time well for your study, family, friends, and of course ME time. Time management is the key to surviving . Plan it well and execute it well. Find time for self-reflection.

Photo is from underworld grotto at the Leeds Castle. It is decorated with various mythical beasts created from shells, minerals and wood.

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When you had enough and become a travel bore


There is a time when you had enough with traveling. You can see the sign when lazy to pack and do all travel stuff. What kind of syndrome is this? It is a sign when you have traveling burnout. When this happened, I am seriously taken more staycation or work at home instead.

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Rambling in March

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Papua: What do you see?


April 2014 was my first exploration Papua for a conservation and management work. Forget about work thingy this post is about what I see and think about Papua region!Continue reading “Papua: What do you see?”

Why There is a Few Number Indonesian Girls in The World of Conservation Job?


This article idea actually already in mind long time ago but I am just posted it until now.


You can see all the pictures and see most have one similarity. Most of it including me and the boys. Apart those pictures, I have asked to people before why there is so few girls in conservation job? Is it just only there is few field job for girls? The girls do not have interest into fieldwork or field research? or it just because I am happened always surrounded with boys? (different time, different place, different people, different girls, different boys).
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