Papua: The Picturesque of Sentani Lake | Danau Sentani yang Indah


Previously I have attached another photo of Lake Sentani in different view and above is Lake Sentani on the ground. Some of you probably has noticed since I’ve put is as cover photo on Facebook. Great place for taking pictures especially on sunny day. I always remember I was a very happy kid when finally feel the air and touch the soil and grass of Lake Sentani.

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Papua: What do you see?


April 2014 was my first exploration Papua for a conservation and management work. Forget about work thingy this post is about what I see and think about Papua region!Continue reading “Papua: What do you see?”

Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang


Pinang fruit or Areca Nut which mainly said as Betel Nut is often chewed as wrapped in betel leaves/fruit and poured it with chalk. There is unique relationship between Papua people and Pinang as far I can see. I thought only elders Dayak people in Kalimantan chewed them a lot but here in Papua from young to elders they munching them all day! It seems very addictive like cigarettes! You almost can find people selling pinang in every street corner like two ladies above who I met on the way to Jayapura. For $1 or Rp 10,000,- you can have 10 pinangs, 5 betel fruits, and chalk as you like :DContinue reading “Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang”