Myanmar: Mandalay in my mind | Mandalay dalam pandanganku

Mandalay Palace in the distance Istana Mandalay dari kejauhan Recently few friends travel to Myanmar either for vacation or work. After a couple of time to Yangon I promised to myself either going to Bagan and Mandalay. Afterwards I chose Mandalay for my trip before leaving to Bangkok and then Jakarta. What I can remember from thisContinue reading “Myanmar: Mandalay in my mind | Mandalay dalam pandanganku”

Pomelo at Yangon

There are only few things in this world that can make me feel very happy. One of them is this place, POMELO!! It is not a fruit but a marketplace in the heart of Yangon city. If you are looking for unique stuff while supporting Myanmar local and homemade industry. This is a great place for youContinue reading “Pomelo at Yangon”

Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang

Pinang fruit or Areca Nut which mainly said as Betel Nut is often chewed as wrapped in betel leaves/fruit and poured it with chalk. There is unique relationship between Papua people and Pinang as far I can see. I thought only elders Dayak people in Kalimantan chewed them a lot but here in Papua from young toContinue reading “Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang”