The Slimbridge Trip – Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust


Last month I had an opportunity to visit a conservation area focused on wildfowl & wetlands in Gloucester as part of my module at school. Never thought before wetland areas can be so interesting and used for public education. The Wildfowl and Wetlands (WWT) has a tremendously important role in communicating the importance of wild birds and wetlands as part of ecosystem. Continue reading “The Slimbridge Trip – Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust”


Ponsel Cerdas Terbaik untuk Pekerjaan Lapangan


Ponsel cerdas saat ini sangat dibutuhkan selama saya bekerja di lapangan. Sebelumnya saya terbiasa menggunakan Samsung Galaxy Note. Namun di awal tahun 2015 saya mulai menggunakan Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Tulisan blog ini bukanlah mengenai ponsel cerdas tetapi kriteria dan aplikasi apa yang membuatnya terbaik untuk pekerjaan lapangan.

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The Best Smartphone for Fieldwork


Nowadays, a smartphone is crucially needed during my fieldwork. I used to stick with my Samsung Galaxy Note. However, in the beginning of 2015, I started to use Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. This blogpost is not about smartphones but what kind of criteria and apps that make it the best smartphone for fieldwork.Continue reading “The Best Smartphone for Fieldwork”

Fieldwork in Myanmar


I had special opportunity this year by visiting Myanmar for work. You cannot imagine this trip 10 years ago when the whole country still untouchable by outside world. Another thing not only Yangon but also I could visit Tanintharyi Region where Andaman Sea Coastal Line located. Continue reading “Fieldwork in Myanmar”

Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang


Pinang fruit or Areca Nut which mainly said as Betel Nut is often chewed as wrapped in betel leaves/fruit and poured it with chalk. There is unique relationship between Papua people and Pinang as far I can see. I thought only elders Dayak people in Kalimantan chewed them a lot but here in Papua from young to elders they munching them all day! It seems very addictive like cigarettes! You almost can find people selling pinang in every street corner like two ladies above who I met on the way to Jayapura. For $1 or Rp 10,000,- you can have 10 pinangs, 5 betel fruits, and chalk as you like :DContinue reading “Papua: Land of Betel Nut | Negeri Pinang”

Borneo: A Glance of West Kalimantan | Sekilas Kalimantan Barat

I know it’s been ages ago since I posted pictures about fieldwork. Last time probably about my preference and friends on field clothes. We just went survey to Kapuas Hulu last month and on our way back home we traveled through Putussibau and Pontianak. Here below are some photos selection during the trip. Photo above is a peat lake in Kapuas Hulu, an area in the middle of Danau Sentarum National Park and Betung Kerihun National Park. Look at the mirror reflection from the water lake! Black water made it fantastically beautiful and eerie in the same time. Most pictures below here are from my Galaxy Note. I love it since BW mode give more strength to the most photos even more than coloured one.

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Why There is a Few Number Indonesian Girls in The World of Conservation Job?


This article idea actually already in mind long time ago but I am just posted it until now.


You can see all the pictures and see most have one similarity. Most of it including me and the boys. Apart those pictures, I have asked to people before why there is so few girls in conservation job? Is it just only there is few field job for girls? The girls do not have interest into fieldwork or field research? or it just because I am happened always surrounded with boys? (different time, different place, different people, different girls, different boys).
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