Why There is a Few Number Indonesian Girls in The World of Conservation Job?


This article idea actually already in mind long time ago but I am just posted it until now.


You can see all the pictures and see most have one similarity. Most of it including me and the boys. Apart those pictures, I have asked to people before why there is so few girls in conservation job? Is it just only there is few field job for girls? The girls do not have interest into fieldwork or field research? or it just because I am happened always surrounded with boys? (different time, different place, different people, different girls, different boys).


I guess most Biology Departments in any Indonesian university are dominated by girls. At the time I enter my university in Universitas Padjadjaran, the ratio between boys and girls was 1 : 5. This considered normal at that time since most my senior or junior conditions were even much worse (> 1:5). But at the time we graduated, life was changed. Most of this girls then chose to make their own career except field job (or entering marriage life).

OK just a little bit thought this Sunday Morning. Do we (girls) have a lot of option or maybe we can just make our own choice in this job?


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