Papua: What do you see?


April 2014 was my first exploration Papua for a conservation and management work. Forget about work thingy this post is about what I see and think about Papua region!Continue reading “Papua: What do you see?”


How Botanist See and Look and Think: SUPERHUMAN!

Working with a botanists is really challenging. You will definitely never see leaves the same anymore after you meet with them. Once I looked into my binoculars with my botanist colleagues.

“Felicia, look that green leaves colour purpled-ish and the other one bluish and that one with reddish tip”

‘Man, all I can see just green leaves all around!!” (Me think more to find any differences).

They surely can find leaves and trees in different colours. This somehow made me think and remind back about my plant morphology course in university. It might be not-the-most-favourite-course after all but I love learning new latin names :) In fact, the more you see you will believe and see the differences. The key is to EXPLORE and IDENTIFICATION!!!

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