Rambling in March

DSCF6396 Again after long time ago I am back to blogging world. My working mode nowadays sometimes make me want to stop blogging. However, it is not entirely true! For the first time and start this early year. I keep traveling to many places non stop. Some places that push my limit and drain my energy. This is new for me. I need some adjustment for my body and mind. Memory to blog keep back any time but I almost cannot type anything until one time, this time. Type back and more … more …. Maybe this is only a rambling? The idea, “sharing is caring”. That is what I fond so much! I love where I can share something with person that I really care. I love sharing to person I know and wanted to know. I love sharing to person that maybe interested into and has same passion with me. However, the problem is so many social media and distraction for all of us. Have you talk to friends without ever looking your smartphone for at least 15 minutes? Do you talk with real people? Well honestly I did ignore that questions sometimes but not intense in ‘that’ way!

Photo is Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar, which previously known as Burma. I spent almost 3 weeks in Myanmar last month for a work. Hoping will be back again for the third time to explore the golden land! Rambling in March is first appeared on www.felicialasmana.com


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