More about early 2018 reflection: Living in Indonesia after a year in the UK

So here I am again babbling about myself because I can do this with my blog. Besides blog is a place to put ideas, connect with other people, and give answers to what usually people ask at me. You can call this writing is more in-depth reflection from 2017 and how I can update everyone. About back to Indonesia. It is totally a big thing when it comes to adaptation.

I think I am far more success in 2017 to do vegetarian lifestyle compare to selective omnivore. Being a vegetarian in the UK is much easier compared in Indonesia. It is a hard one here with all my limitation and work nowadays.

This year 2018 would be my time to get back more minimalist by not buying things and to avoid overspending although surely I need to buy (of course) basic necessities. I know I like to celebrate life by buying things that I ‘think’ need and find but maybe this will change. Honestly I spent more money here in Indonesia when settling back for work compare in the UK. Life in the UK seems more simpler. This does not mean I prefer more to stay in the UK. I love living in Indonesia with its ups-and-down. Living in the UK is also great with its also ups-and-down.

Avoiding Twitter and Pinterest is almost impossible while I am totally done with Facebook. Twitter is great for updating any news and many times I just drown into that. However, I am good cutting down my social media time by only checking them on my computer instead phone.

This year 2018 would be a year of writing down everything and I feel this is my therapy in distracting world. I do have a jumping minds and sudden thought so it is best to jot it down while it fresh. I do try to write everyday in specific both work and personal things to improve my wordings or sentence organisation either in English or Bahasa Indonesia. You can say that writing is my therapy and it does work for people (and maybe myself for now). This new strategy for better writing would be very useful and important part since as researcher you have to document everything. Sometimes it is messed up or not really organised but I do try to improve it day by day.

I think (yes … I wrote I think ) I become more busy nowadays. Working from 8 AM to 5 PM again is somewhat always great to be discipline and harsh spending your limited time. I tend to called it a day after 6 PM to keep my insanity but I do keep routine schedule by doing more focused and deep work during office hours. Sometimes I have to cheat but I need to compensate after that.

I do realise my 30s and become very aware and more responsible of my body by practicing self care – Hell yeah! to massage, facial and medicure etc. I just want to be good and healthy. A good friend called her 30s is the best year in her life and I truly believe that :) Therefore, I can say that this year is a year of fitness as well. Now I am in love with gym world although it is aching my muscle in the process that I want. Getting ripped is not my goal and I just want to be healthy for sure.

I am fairly connected with people around in real life compared through social media. Most of them are best friends and colleagues. My family is also the most important thing in my life and inseparable. I truly adore people around me because I can learn from all of them, as my mentor or maybe just a good listener. No matter what their background or roles in the community and life.

If you say culture shock is happening, it is truly does and change my habit and brain. So for you all who asked how things after UK, these are my whole answer. I do miss you guys, to you who I called my good friends, sisters, and brothers in different places and time.

Thank you for reading. Hope you all have a fantastic life and interesting day wherever you are (until we meet again!) :) X

Photo is me with my sister in crime from Guyana (of South America!!), OLETA! We had this precious moment in Winter 2016 when we visited Margate beach for half day. Although it looks sunny but it was really cold. I still remember that it was our short break after or in between school assignments.

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