A Workshop and Plenary in Colombia

I spent a week in Medellin, Colombia in the middle of March 2018 to attend exciting workshop for capacity development for early career scientists hosted by IPBES, a joint global effort to evaluate and mainstreaming latest trends and facts of Earth’s biodiversity and nature contribution to human well beings. In the same time IPBES Plenary 6 was in the same place attended by more than 700+ delegates and 128 countries.

Group photo
Photo by Uttam Shrestha

You could say that IPBES is IPCC for biodiversity and ecosystem services. If you are familiar with Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), Millennial Ecosystem Assessment (MA), Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) OR even you use one of these documents, then you want to read over IPBES report for different region Asia Pacific, America, Africa and Europe and Central Asia, plus one thematic assessment on Land Degradation and Restoration (LDR). Please check highlights of six IPBES message ‘primers’ on biodiversity,  ecosystem services, and land degradation https://www.ipbes.net/ipbes-6-primers

DYx4ME5VQAAI2fz (1)
IPBES Fellowship Programme by ConverSketch 

Apart of this message, as a Asia Pacific Region IPBES fellow, I had great opportunity to reach out top notch scientists in their field particularly related to interdisciplinary study and science – policy interface. It was tremendously a valuable experience for the last 3 years. Working and learning with various colleagues with different background and expertise including increasing your knowledge on how science and policy can be in parallel and implemented to answer world’s greatest issues.

If you want to be part of IPBES community as a fellows. You can check our IPBES fellowship programme: https://www.ipbes.net/ipbes-fellowship-programme

Call for new fellows

IPBES is currently seeking fellows to participate in two assessments to be launched in 2018:

  • The methodological assessment regarding the diverse conceptualisation of multiple values of nature and its benefits
  • The thematic assessment of the sustainable use of wild species

You can find the open call with the link to submit your application to the programme here.

For information about support for fellows, the selection process, and roles and responsibilities within IPBES assessments, please click here

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