My Kindle Paperwhite Review

This is most likely a review after reading on Kindle Paperwhite after half a year. After years I had enough buying extra paperbacks and throwing my damaged books at my mom’s house. If only buying real books then I would prefer to buy some design, lifestyle, coffee table and Bahasa Indonesia books for now. 

I still miss old times when I can only rent a book or even just go to library to get books I really want to read. However, I can tell that this is one of the best investment I ever had. Kindle e-reader makes me discipline with my reading habit. I am also much better making time for reading and sometimes I read newspaper article on my Kindle too.

Honestly I prefer to read physical book but reading on Kindle definitely change the way you read and think. There are so many articles about reading on Kindle nowadays from light emission that could reduce your sleeping time and damage your healthe-reading is called not reading at all, or even deliberately change your attitudes towards your reading materials. The latter one I do agree as I prefer using hard copy ones when reading heavy context or science text. Reading with computer or even kindle on these heavy text sometimes simplified the way of our think. This is something that I always try to avoid since most likely we are losing some details by skimming important information.

However, there are some features that I love from my Kindle Paperwhite and why I prefer buying e-reader compared to reading on my phone.

Perfect screen size for reading – although I have Kindle apps on my 4-inch iPhone SE but reading on small screen is just not for me. I always stick with my phone as communication tools and taking photos.

Long lasting batteries – this is important feature especially you are in fieldwork and traveling with electricity shortage. My Kindle batteries last for more than one month and no need charging everyday like my phone.

Remove distraction such as social media and TV – I am quite good reading my Kindle without not looking my phone or watching TV. Nowadays I only using social media through my PC. I have removed social media on my phone since few months ago. I also deactivated some social media and don’t have TV since years ago. People may think this is so strange but anyhow it just worked. Most of my best friends are also not into social media and prefer old fashioned communication tool such as postcards and letters if not a text message or lately Whatsapp.

Cheaper than hard copy – as most of my books in English, sometimes it is hard to get them all in Indonesia. Kindle books on Amazon is most likely cheaper at least 10 – 20% compared to paperback ones. Another advantage is you may get some titles for free although you cannot give your books to your friends or family after finished your reading. The bright side is you can loan your book to other readers for 14 days.

Reading books at gym – This become my habit when I jog on the treadmill and a kick off start for my daily routine. For sure, I prefer reading my kindle although some days I prefer just watching random channels at gym. Kindle features such as no screen glare, built-in adjustable light, and manually font size settings make things easier for me doing my workout and catching up my readings.

Integrated with Goodreads – this app integration makes my reading experience more fun and easier when tracking back what kind of books and quotes that I have read so far. I even have my own bookshelf for e-books and sometimes make a book review based on my notes on Kindle.

Note: On my Kindle, I am currently reading Tim Ferris – Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World , who asked simple questions about productivity and life to more than 100 successful man and woman in the world. I am a fan of Tim Ferris since few years ago and always amazed with his lifestyle and productivity.

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  1. Zac says:

    Love my paper white! Don’t leave home without it


    1. Felly says:

      Yes, totally agree with you! :)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Zac says:



  2. Ditaa says:

    I love my paper white kindle. I even have the white paper white!
    My one complain about kindle books is I could not lend or give most of the kindle books. I’d like my books to go around and touch more people.
    I get most of kindle books from the library now, super easy!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ARS says:

    Review pembaca buku tentang Kindle memang selalu menarik, dan bikin pengin punya. Saya masih ‘old timer’, pergi ke perpustakaan lalu pinjem. Yang dibeli khusus buku-buku non-fiksi yang berat, yang kalau bisa mah cari di toko buku bekas dulu. Hahaha. Saya menyambut baik evolusi membaca melalui Kindle ini. Apalagi setelah baca tulisan ini. :D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Felly says:

      Yah mungkin akhirnya saya pindah 100% ke Kindle. Pas beli pun penuh pertimbangan berkali-kali walaupun sudah mengenal Kindle sejak tahun 2010an. Tapi memang praktis sekali terutama untuk buku luar negeri yang susah didapatkan di Indonesia. Trus saya malas nambah koleksi buku di lemari karena sering pindahan.


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