On Blogging

Lately, I tried to reorganise my blogpost which I left quite a while. In the process, I found how many blog posts that I have made following these years. Blogging becomes my hobby when compiling thoughts. I never realise until it built up although some are still unfinished after years.

I also remember when I made my first blog and it was not here in WordPress but Tumblr one back in 2011. There was a time when I rethink blog audience, create blogs with various topics, or even monetise my blog.

Most of the time I prefer to write in English because I am much better when thinking and writing in English. For some years, I tried to have a bilingual post as well. It took so much time and in the end, I have so many drafts (still like that after years and months!). That is why some times I have so many ideas but no time to finish these blogposts.

So why I am back to blog lately? Blogging is matters for my mental health. I do prefer blog walking instead of checking social media. It is a healthy habit and I try to blog every week now. If some people like to set goals for blogging, I am more relax and spontaneous.

My blogging life is basically goalless. I like the zen nature of that, and paradoxically, it improves results.

Seth Godin

I am hoping to become a better writer and thinker through blogs. I can focus on and be clear of what I think. That is why I blog on three main interests (conservation, travel, productivity).

Sharing my thoughts and lessons learned through blogs is incomparable. Especially when you start blogging on specific topics. Learning to create new content is a valuable skill that helped my career not once or twice. I love learning and researching more topics that I care even more!

Do you have a similar reason for blogging like me?

Photo is Kirkjullfellsfoss or Church Mountain Falls Iceland in 2017. You may have seen this breathtaking view in a film such as Game of Thrones. I remember I took this picture during a trip with the other five Indonesian friends on a super windy day. Iceland is so beautiful but can be very dangerous.

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  1. berbagilokasi says:

    just found your blog and i love it kak


    1. Felly says:

      Thanks so much for visiting! I wish can write more. My problem is time nowadays


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