Bogor: Mountain Biking in Gunung Mas

My new biking friends, Asian Sister Gangsters where American Chinese and Taiwanese collide with Chinese Indonesian (me not in the picture)

Places around Bogor

Adrenaline junkie, come to Bogor!
Where you go adventurous just in your backyard!

This city itself has been known famous among conservationist, biologist and people working in forestry and agriculture sectors because many international or national organisation and institution in Bogor.

Bogor Botanical Garden and Bogor Palace might be the ultimate reason why people will go to Bogor. Second, it would be hiking Mount Gede Pangrango in Cisarua. Third, visiting Cibodas Botanical Garden at the slope of Mount Gede Pangrago, which worldwide famous with its lichens collection. However, there is other option than that if you want to go wandering around Bogor. Combining bicycling and culinary experience might be your next option.

Sounds like great combination, right? Besides what is the best thing to switch off from normal routine? For me it should be doing something new! That is why mountain biking in Gunung Mas, Puncak would be one of my new micro-adventure this year.

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Bogor: A Night With A Moon | Semalam dengan Bulan

Actually taken about a week ago when I was in insomnia mode. Played with my Fujifilm X10 for quite long time until I got this image of dark yellow sky and moon. It’s kinda beautiful and eerie in the same time.

Gambar ini diambil sekitar minggu lalu ketika saya mengalami insomnia. Memainkan Fujifilm X10 selama beberapa lama hingga akhirnya mendapatkan gambar langit dan bulan kuning gelap. Sangat indah dan aneh di saat yang sama.


Black and White


Wildlife is always be an interesting object to be captured. Black and white make strong pictures for making it more dramatical. I feel that with black and white you can give more details and stories behind all your pictures. I am trying to take pictures and minimised editing for B & W pics nowadays. We’ll see what happened next.

Hello again after a while 2013


So after been a while not writing in this blog, I start to make it a little more simple. It would be a little bit adventure with photos and bits and bobs. I have been with new job for almost 5 months with so much learning and studying to do. It is great to see how it goes along with my career. Well when I am not in the mood of doing some work a fella came to me and say hello. Some of them is Cheetah! Say hello to Cheetah! He NOT she although seems he’s pregnant! He’s just a very big and furry male cat in the office. O really there is a cat in your office? Well yeah I think so :p

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Bogor, The Rainy City

Early September

It’s been two days since I arrive in this city. City where my belated Father was born. City where most of my family from my father side lives. I am not quite surprised when I got an offer to work in Bogor because I know one day I will stay there, I don’t know why.

Although it is quite sunny during the day and mosquitoes come after dark and also dusk, the weather today just fine. Even it is quite good with breeze and rain in the evening. Sometimes it is very warm during the evening but it is okay for me.Continue reading “Bogor, The Rainy City”