Bogor, The Rainy City

Early September

It’s been two days since I arrive in this city. City where my belated Father was born. City where most of my family from my father side lives. I am not quite surprised when I got an offer to work in Bogor because I know one day I will stay there, I don’t know why.

Although it is quite sunny during the day and mosquitoes come after dark and also dusk, the weather today just fine. Even it is quite good with breeze and rain in the evening. Sometimes it is very warm during the evening but it is okay for me.

End September

It is almost three weeks since the last posting but I keep this in the same post. I think I will survive here. Probably the most interesting here is that new friends and job. I am not quite easily adapted with food here since most of them quite expensive and I need more vegetables! Living outside Bandung never I imagined before made me crave for homemade dishes.

For real sometime I miss my Bandung City.  And I miss the red bean soup that always Mama made for me. And Bogor is rainy again for another time.



  1. tuanjuan_ says:


    ga mampir ke rumah gw lu..


    1. flasmana says:

      Kagak tau meureun pas eta mah


      1. tuanjuan_ says:

        hihi..sumuhun ..sok atuh di fotro lagi pan sekarang mah udah tau :)


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