Borneo: Earth People

A very good example to see the world is meeting them exactly on its own original place. I am here in Kalimantan with the whole natural destruction.Here I am once again see how human torture mother earth. I also see right people and wrong people in this isolated island. But this land seems never sleep with its beauty although destruction surrounds them. There is nothing I can do about it to stop it but I still can reduce the destruction impact and also help people who get the direct impact and depend on its forest.

Maybe it is a job for most conservationists nowadays. Minimising the forest destruction could be the best way nowadays since we cannot evade the destruction around the world.

People in the city sometimes cannot see the whole thing that destruction is really happen here in the world of Borneo. People in the villages also maybe cannot understand why people in the city take down their forest. Dayak Punan, the local tribes here, who I met before really depend on the forest with hunting and maybe planting rice later on. If some people are blaming others because destroying the forest. Why people also cannot blame people with converting land into houses? There is no more land for man to live except vertical area that is why apartment maybe the best solution ever be.

No more water if no more forest. Even no more rain because no rain drops.


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