Newbie Diver

Finally after few years my dream to be a diver has fulfilled in Hoga Island. For some of you who doesn’t know about Hoga Island, this island is located in Wakatobi which is the best diving spot in the world. I have been lucky to be there for a week and oh that just a week ago. Time flies so quick and I am now already at home for a few days with some work to do like usual or if not I will try to get busy by myself. Enough about home!

It might be 10 years ago, I am wondering that I could be a diver. Now it is already fulfilled. This dream now changed into new experience and sensation in wet suit. But I guess I will try to make it into my new hobby. The idea after this maybe goes to anywhere in Indonesia and dive over there. As Indonesian sometimes I am a bit envy with foreigners and friends who can dive. Indonesia is well known as thousand of islands from Sabang and Merauke. Most of them have beautiful diving spot as well. For example Hoga in Wakatobi and of course the number one in the world for now ‘RAJA AMPAT’.

When I am in Hoga after many times diving trial and practices which I am quite struggling enough finally I went to open water diving spot. As far I can see thousand of fishes  and characters from “Finding Nemo” which is FUN! I have seen many moving creatures on terrestrial but underwater creatures has mesmerized me. Sea with its natural diversity! New experiences to share with everbody of course but sorry couldn’t take any pictures. Maybe in the next diving time will buy new camera or in house for it! Now I realize why many people are willing to spend time and money only in underwater with It big risks (you named it!). Going underwater is a one life time experiences! Going underwater is a big step for YOU like driving car and moving house!



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