Language Barriers

I want to learn many languages for sure! I am Indonesian that also fluent in English but want to learn other languages. Learning German, Spanish and French a bit  and maybe some phrases from Russian. However if I have time maybe I will learn more about Mandarin Chinese. As an English speaker I feel I still have an awful pronounciation, phrase picking and grammars. A friend of mine once call me Miss Lang – (uage) because I always correct their English. But working with a foreign colleagues and using English as first language is totally different in some other  ways. Even I am trying so hard to reshape my English it would be never the same like a native speaker. This is my limitation I feel and never leave along this few years. English language definitely has different in logic with Bahasa Indonesia. Sometimes I am just really struggling with my English even for something like this blogs which is maybe still very simple for a blog. I think there is a reason behind all that. It is because I always think like an Indonesian not an English person. More, I am literally translating my words into English that make sometime the language sounds funny in ears. Sigh … I just want to improve my English communication for sure : |

I don’t know but maybe some of you ever feel the same like me??


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