Hello again after a while 2013


So after been a while not writing in this blog, I start to make it a little more simple. It would be a little bit adventure with photos and bits and bobs. I have been with new job for almost 5 months with so much learning and studying to do. It is great to see how it goes along with my career. Well when I am not in the mood of doing some work a fella came to me and say hello. Some of them is Cheetah! Say hello to Cheetah! He NOT she although seems he’s pregnant! He’s just a very big and furry male cat in the office. O really there is a cat in your office? Well yeah I think so :p


He loved it when we rubbed his belly. I am doing shiatsu with my feet and he loved it instantly with rolling his back and big bump. Sometimes he likes to do yoga cat stretching which is good for relaxing your both arm after long hours in front of computer. I will spend some time taking pictures he’s doing that later.


Well you cannot resist this cute little eyes eh? See you all in the next posting


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