Menilik polemik proyek “Jurassic Park” di TN Komodo

Berdasarkan data terbaru dari Organisasi Pariwisata Dunia (World Tourism Organization – UNWTO), pada periode Januari hingga Agustus 2020 tercatat kedatangan wisatawan internasional di Asia Pasifik menunjukkan penurunan hampir 80% karena pembatasan perjalanan di seluruh dunia. Pandemi yang diikuti oleh krisis pariwisata global tentunya berdampak sangat besar pada Indonesia seperti di Taman Nasional Komodo (TNK). Di waktu bersamaan pemerintah memutuskan untuk menutup kawasan TNK sejak 26 Oktober hingga 30 Juni 2021.

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Bogor: Mountain Biking in Gunung Mas

My new biking friends, Asian Sister Gangsters where American Chinese and Taiwanese collide with Chinese Indonesian (me not in the picture)

Places around Bogor

Adrenaline junkie, come to Bogor!
Where you go adventurous just in your backyard!

This city itself has been known famous among conservationist, biologist and people working in forestry and agriculture sectors because many international or national organisation and institution in Bogor.

Bogor Botanical Garden and Bogor Palace might be the ultimate reason why people will go to Bogor. Second, it would be hiking Mount Gede Pangrango in Cisarua. Third, visiting Cibodas Botanical Garden at the slope of Mount Gede Pangrago, which worldwide famous with its lichens collection. However, there is other option than that if you want to go wandering around Bogor. Combining bicycling and culinary experience might be your next option.

Sounds like great combination, right? Besides what is the best thing to switch off from normal routine? For me it should be doing something new! That is why mountain biking in Gunung Mas, Puncak would be one of my new micro-adventure this year.

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Target 1 Juta Wisman Per Bulan Menurut Seorang Biolog, Pejalan dan Blogger



Kepada Yth.:
Bapak Arief Yahya
Menteri Pariwisata Republik Indonesia
Kementerian Pariwisata Republik Indonesia
Jln. Medan Merdeka Barat No. 27
Jakarta 10110

Dear Pak Menteri,

Perkenankan saya seorang warga negara Indonesia yang turut peduli pada industri pariwisata Indonesia. Saya ingin mengutarakan sebuah opini publik mengenai kebijakan Pemerintah Indonesia yang menargetkan kunjungan wisatawan mancanegara sebanyak 1 juta orang per bulan mulai Maret 2015.Continue reading “Target 1 Juta Wisman Per Bulan Menurut Seorang Biolog, Pejalan dan Blogger”

Tourism & Community Development: Traveling for People or Places?


What do you remember after your traveling days?

If we relate this question to my traveling lifestyle then my answers would be combination of ‘meeting old and new friends’, ‘business purpose’, ‘experimental travel’, ‘world exploration’ , and ‘volunteer for a cause’.  I am pretty sure your answer would be different or maybe similar like mine.

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Conservation Travel Vs. Ecotourism

Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990)
If you guys previously know about Ecotourism, what about Conservation Travel?  There is no single definition on Conservation Travel even though it has been coined by several ecotourism and travel based websites to date. However, it does have strong relation to ecotourism as mentioned in The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) webpage. I guess if you talked about traveling based conservation, it would not only including nature sightseeing but also what you can give back to society at your travel destination.

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Krakatau: ‘Wanderlust’ Project: Travellers Meet Locals | Proyek ‘Wanderlust’: Para Pejalan Ketemu Orang Lokal


Wanderlust Indonesia is a socialpreneur project in which we meant to add values of traveling by encountering travelers and locals. Thus, aside of enjoying Indonesian’s tourism spots, travelers could contribute for locals development by doing social works in targeted places.

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