How to use drones for conservation in your own research?

Studying the most cryptic and nocturnal species such as bat fauna probably can be done by launching un-manned aerial vehicles in the dark sky of the night. The technology has been known applied already in the survey project on mining and oil palm company usually provided by an expensive private company. In conservation related issue, drones have been used in monitoring orangutans and elephants in Sumatra and Nepal.

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Conservation Job Vs Traveling


Working in a consulting company focused on conservation and sustainability issues, I spent half of my time traveling to one to another city or country. Throughout these years, for me traveling alone (work or pleasure) is somewhat practical and sometimes even cheaper by taking flight compare taking other transportation mode.

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Conservation Travel Vs. Ecotourism

Ecotourism is defined as “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people.” (TIES, 1990)
If you guys previously know about Ecotourism, what about Conservation Travel?  There is no single definition on Conservation Travel even though it has been coined by several ecotourism and travel based websites to date. However, it does have strong relation to ecotourism as mentioned in The International Ecotourism Society (TIES) webpage. I guess if you talked about traveling based conservation, it would not only including nature sightseeing but also what you can give back to society at your travel destination.

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[Notes]: Book Discussion 4 Conservation Writers

This is just a notes when I attended book discussion which held Tropenbos Indonesia, Operation Wallacea Trust (OWT), Ministry of Forestry (MoFor) on 26th April 2013.  Great books, great friends (I had small reunion with old friends here as well), and of course great knowledge! You guys can actually visit MoFor to get these books for free and here are the book synopsis:


Sang Pelopor: Peranan Dr. SH Kooders dalam Sejarah Perlindungan Alam di Indonesia

By Pandji Yudistira (MoFor)

It’s a history and biography of Dr. SH Kooders, a Bandung-born Dutch botanist who pioneered the establishment of associations of natural conservationist (Nederlandsch Indische Vereeniging tot Natuurbescherming) in Indonesia. This association was founded in Bogor, 22th July 22 1912 and then proposed Natuurmonument Ordonnantie (Act Natural Monument/Nature Reserves) to The Dutch East Indies Governor General that lead to designation of 55 Natuurmonument (Natural Monument) all over Indonesia. Through this book we can read Kooders’ message that an independent association could affect development of conservation and government with initiative and motivation.Continue reading “[Notes]: Book Discussion 4 Conservation Writers”