Conservation Job Vs Traveling


Working in a consulting company focused on conservation and sustainability issues, I spent half of my time traveling to one to another city or country. Throughout these years, for me traveling alone (work or pleasure) is somewhat practical and sometimes even cheaper by taking flight compare taking other transportation mode.

However, according to scientists at Cambridge University, most conservationist like me still flew frequently at least nine flight per year. They even ate meat or fish approximately five times per week despite all going for green movement to save environment (Knapton 2017)

For the last ten years somewhat I always try to be going green as much as I can. As a conservationist I found this article relatively true especially the flying part. For general public, they might question

“What’s the problem with that particularly taking flight?” 

For many of us flying is considered as the largest contributor to carbon emissions. Although it seems practical, slow traveling such as taking trains, cars, bicycle and even walking is valued more eco – friendly compared taking flight.

Everybody might know and it is totally sensible avoiding meat and fish including dairy to reduce out impact to environment. Being vegetarian and vegan is even called as “the single biggest way” if you are going green everyday (Carrington 2018).

I do consider myself as sensible vegetarian. Try to stick as vegetarian if possible although sometimes eat fish to meat especially during my fieldwork and traveling. If I can make reasons why I am not a full vegetarian? Again, it is also a matter of practicality and ethical consideration in my society and environment.

Above cases “traveling mode” and “vegetarianism” refer us to basic question nevertheless what you do for daily job on

“How much you value environment?

As stated by Vicki Robin in her bestselling book “Your Money or Your Life”,

“Everything we do exacts a cost from the environment.”

This also means every (little) action that we make everyday will impact our planet. Therefore, we need to be more conscious to our daily life choice and put more value to our environment. This mindset is very important because we are a key player in the movement to transform our future earth. 


Photo is Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales of England. First time I heard the name it sounds like Asgard. Probably because I watched too many Marvel movies (HA!). Apparently the name originates from old Norse, meaning the open space in the oak trees. It can be your option and great visit with family and friends if you are around Yorkshire. Keep in mind to bring your boots although the trail is very family friendly.

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